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My world comprises of LO the little one, OA the other adult at home, kiddo the brother :)

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Sep 18, 2012

Sampoorna Premayanam - Yandamoori Veerendranath

Another fiction by YVN, easy breezy read.. typical masala film style.. a guy spends his life and his life savings to set about taking revenge on a guy who cheated his sister and put him up behind bars framing a story.  After about almost his lifetime wait, he chances upon a guy, Venu, who he wants to use to lure the daughter of the guy who cheated his sis and wants him to cheat her in the exact same way and leave her in the lurch causing him all the pain he had been through and more.

How the tale takes a twist when he realizes in the very end that the guy was actually bringing up his sister's daughter... fully filmy style..

okay read.

Sep 14, 2012

Nirantaram Nee Oohallo

Adharv's second movie that I saw, Tamil movie flavor definitegaa undi. Directors are running behind pyschological disorders to make movies.. this time it is "motivational delusion" or whatever it is. There was a movie of Vadde Naveen and Sangeetha "naa oopiri" along those lines a while ago, mottam kaakapoyinaa alaanti type of movie.. A love story supposed to be a thriller but ends up as a damp squib due to execution. The narrative loses its girp almost immediately after we figure out the problem with the hero. Charu and Latha are one and the same person who enters the life of hero as a good friend during the job, how they become 2 different people in his life and he refuses to accept them as one and the same and what is behind the current condition is what the story is all about. Amala Paul presentation ento varietygaa anipinchindi, oka tone of body ledu throughout the movie, okkosaari baaga dark and dusky, okkosaari normal and okkosaari fair.. Hero is good performance wise..! Konchem confusion as to what is real and what is imagination anipinchindi unless you are keenly observing the story and if you happen to waver for a moment then you will end up confused.. mottam meeda edo alaa alaa alaaa choodocchu tappite.. emi artham kaani movie category.


Chee batuku...! asalu trendy anukuni aa director portray chesindi actually comedy, ultimately choose vaadiki tragedy...

Titles deggara ninchi modalu.. oka banda make-up loaded oldie egiri dookutoo undagaa "yuva ratna" ani title paddattu akkade tala baaduku chacchipote baagundu anipistundi :).. ainaa dhairyam chesi choosaamu anukondi scenekosaari "Repeaaattuuuu" ani tala baadudu esukovaalsinde.

enchakkaa peddaayana peddannaya, chinnaanna, oka IAS, IPS laanti buddi character  paatralu vesukuntoono, kodukuni train chesukuntoo kaalu meeda kaalu vesukuni koorchokundaa ee gola ento...!

eye ballki kanipiste football aadukuntaa ;).. emotional anipinche comedy dialogues with action.

If you trouble the trouble, trouble troubles you ;).. keka!!  Concept is okay.. but for the extra accessories (heroine mess) it would have been bearable... asalu oorlo inko magaade lenattu itani meeda padi povatam.. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaak!

waiting for some decent story line for him, manchi potential undi kooda ee musali kurraadi rolestoti veerabaadudu eppatiki taggeno ento!

Sep 11, 2012

Cough, cold and fever

With the kid down and me upset I end up watching either a lot of books or movies keeping a watch over her. There is severe fever at night times but in the day the kid seems to be okay, lots of cough and cold.. God, tough to see her barking-like cough... I would happily trade it with her..

Another round up for doctor continues, started her on a new medication, hopefully getting that into the system should help it.  Just want to wait for today evening and if it is the same situation, just want to take her to the clinic to see what best to do...!

So many things, so many changes in the near future.. and it is kind of blanking me down... another giant leap me awaits us and hoping it is for the best.

Oo Kodataara, Ulikki padataara

One of my friends in her review had mentioned that it better be named "chee kodataara.. chiraaku padataara", it might not be as bad but very bad execution anipinchindi. Manoj, I just wonder what this guy does to himself.. if disfiguring himself so badly with bad clothes and worst styling is going to be his signature style of arty/classy movie look... eeks! I better stay away from his movies.. Lakshmi's accented Telugu and look, Manoj's screams, Sonu's underused potential, Balayya's smoke clouds and the story line everything kind of put me off in the movie... another FF to watch it kind of a movie!

Sep 8, 2012

Devudu Chesina Manushulu

I used to love watching Raviteja movies on screen for some time, where has that feel gone and what is this crap that he is churning movie after movie these days!! God!!!! Raviteja okay to bad to worst movie selection chesukuntunnaadu ee madhya.. ee storyni oka saari oka anglelo choodadam dandaga anukunte malli rendo saari inko anglelo choopetti maree saaavagottaadu... deenni theaterlo chooste naalaage paityam pattipotundi :(((.. DVD forward forward chesukuntoo aragantalo aipogodite better anipinchindi. Teesinodiko, chesinodiko, choosinodiko evadiko okadiki picchi unte tappa adi kaaryaroopam daalchakoodani movie :(

Shirdi Sai - Nagarjuna Movie

Hardcore Nagarjuna fan nenu, he is no doubt good but enduko overall movie devotional/spiritual feel raaledu naaku.  Rushed out at times and stretched at times anipinchi.. bio-pic ainaa kooda konchem fantasy add cheyyatam, commercial elements add cheyyadam, endukogaani mottam meeda for me the movie was a downer.

Kamalini get up kaani role kaani, spiritual kante sensualgaa choopinchadam.. Sayaaji Shinde antics.... total  downers!

Prati framelonu my mind went back to Shirdi Sai Mahatmyam, the old movie and edo TV serial choosinattu anipinchindi tappite Annamayya, Ramadaasu feel assalu raaledu...and even when the songs on screen were going on, I could still hear the only songs like.. sai charanam gangaa yamuna sangama samaanam ani, mind was yearning back to look at those characters than the ones in front, maybe I am biased because I could not see the commercial element in Sai Movie....

Chadvu - Kodavantiganti Kutumbarao

First read of this author, found the book interesting and the read gave a feel of a common villager's life in AP pre-independence and around the world war time, along with the political scenario and happenings the story is all about the education of a boy in those times.

How he got into education, the system thereof, along with social circumstances, the depression and what he eventually turned out to be... just loved the feel of write-up.

Sep 6, 2012


I guess every single thing in the world would fall into place if one thing from human nature "EGO".. the I, Me, Myself factor..

Whatever be the circumstance, issue, situation, people just think of themselves leaving the core issue behind..!

Sep 4, 2012

Thoughts, Thoughts, Thoughts..

Back after a very long stretch of rituals and kind of masked grieving for the family.  To be honest to myself, my detached-ness to the person or circumstances kind of helped me sail through but I know the pain that eventually settles in and takes a long while to go for the immediate family, the husband, the son and daughter.  The less to no bonding on my part has kind of eliminated the aftermath grieving for me but being there, doing things for the person I hardly interacted with in a while and made up my mind to have nothing to do with be it good or bad is really taxing and stressing and that too without hurting self or hurting the feelings of the people around.

The rituals, customs, traditions surrounding the death of a person, right from the last breath to up to  about a year where one is supposed to perform so many things in the memory of deceased left me thinking.

Poyina manishiki todugaa migili unnavaallu aarthikamgaa, maanasikamgaa, saareerikamgaa naligipovadam... aa kharchu, aa daambikaalu, aa dubaaraa...  I just wish we take as much care in spending the time and making that effort when the person was alive.  Bratikunnappudu tongi choose opika leni prati vaadu poyinaaka ayyo ilaa jarigindaa ani saanubhooti choopistunte baadhanu minchi kopam... poyina manishini gurinchi kaasta manchi cheppalekapoyinaa chedu enduku ani gnanam leni vaallani choosi chiraaku.

Every single thing is again associated with so many issues... manishi poyi okadestunte kaburu cheyyaledu ani okadi chirru burrulu... aa padi rojulu kutumba sabhyulu antaa oka chota cheri aa manishi gurinchi talchukuni cheyyadam maanesi, mallee inko saari veellu kanapadataaro ledo, unnappude anni chakkabettukovaali ane manastatvam :(..

Naaku saayam chesindi ani trupti lekundaa, inkokadiki naakante ekkuva chesindi ani edupu... human relationships kind of amaze me these days... backbiting, anger, frustration.. veetanniti madhyalo nijamaina prema kadupuna puttina biddalaki, kanna talli tandrulaki tappa vere evariki undadu anipinchindi.. :(..

Being in a responsible situation, expected to be decent, dignified handling the stuff, it had been a tough time holding myself up.. and if I dare think there is going to be an easy way out of the grief/pain, there is so much of thinking to do, about the future, the kid me and the OA and a lot more things...

Need a lot of strength and peace...


About a month ago nearly, I happened to watch a Hindi Movie on TV at night.. Those were the days when I was feeling restless for unknown reasons, maybe some instinct related to death in the family...

Back to the storyline, just loved watching the movie.. Vidya was great essaying the role, loved the helpful cop and everything about the movie.. enjoyed a Hindi movie after a loooooooooooooooooooooong time..

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