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Sep 8, 2012

Devudu Chesina Manushulu

I used to love watching Raviteja movies on screen for some time, where has that feel gone and what is this crap that he is churning movie after movie these days!! God!!!! Raviteja okay to bad to worst movie selection chesukuntunnaadu ee madhya.. ee storyni oka saari oka anglelo choodadam dandaga anukunte malli rendo saari inko anglelo choopetti maree saaavagottaadu... deenni theaterlo chooste naalaage paityam pattipotundi :(((.. DVD forward forward chesukuntoo aragantalo aipogodite better anipinchindi. Teesinodiko, chesinodiko, choosinodiko evadiko okadiki picchi unte tappa adi kaaryaroopam daalchakoodani movie :(


Radha said...

hahahaha.. emandi movie ki velletappudu okka saari aina review adigi vellandi ee saari nundi... atleast jandubalm aina save authundi kada. :)

Sree said...

manaki ekkadu kada evaraina cheppinaa kooda... RT ante polo mantaa egesukuni ellipotame... ee madhya chaala experience vacchindi next time ninchi only DVD.

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