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Sep 14, 2012

Nirantaram Nee Oohallo

Adharv's second movie that I saw, Tamil movie flavor definitegaa undi. Directors are running behind pyschological disorders to make movies.. this time it is "motivational delusion" or whatever it is. There was a movie of Vadde Naveen and Sangeetha "naa oopiri" along those lines a while ago, mottam kaakapoyinaa alaanti type of movie.. A love story supposed to be a thriller but ends up as a damp squib due to execution. The narrative loses its girp almost immediately after we figure out the problem with the hero. Charu and Latha are one and the same person who enters the life of hero as a good friend during the job, how they become 2 different people in his life and he refuses to accept them as one and the same and what is behind the current condition is what the story is all about. Amala Paul presentation ento varietygaa anipinchindi, oka tone of body ledu throughout the movie, okkosaari baaga dark and dusky, okkosaari normal and okkosaari fair.. Hero is good performance wise..! Konchem confusion as to what is real and what is imagination anipinchindi unless you are keenly observing the story and if you happen to waver for a moment then you will end up confused.. mottam meeda edo alaa alaa alaaa choodocchu tappite.. emi artham kaani movie category.

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