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Sep 11, 2012

Oo Kodataara, Ulikki padataara

One of my friends in her review had mentioned that it better be named "chee kodataara.. chiraaku padataara", it might not be as bad but very bad execution anipinchindi. Manoj, I just wonder what this guy does to himself.. if disfiguring himself so badly with bad clothes and worst styling is going to be his signature style of arty/classy movie look... eeks! I better stay away from his movies.. Lakshmi's accented Telugu and look, Manoj's screams, Sonu's underused potential, Balayya's smoke clouds and the story line everything kind of put me off in the movie... another FF to watch it kind of a movie!

1 comment:

Murthy said...

Yes, Manoj should understand what the characters he is suitable for..! Story line is awesome.But the film made in so hurry.Lakshmi better change her accent and it impresses no one indeed.cheers.


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