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Sep 18, 2012

Sampoorna Premayanam - Yandamoori Veerendranath

Another fiction by YVN, easy breezy read.. typical masala film style.. a guy spends his life and his life savings to set about taking revenge on a guy who cheated his sister and put him up behind bars framing a story.  After about almost his lifetime wait, he chances upon a guy, Venu, who he wants to use to lure the daughter of the guy who cheated his sis and wants him to cheat her in the exact same way and leave her in the lurch causing him all the pain he had been through and more.

How the tale takes a twist when he realizes in the very end that the guy was actually bringing up his sister's daughter... fully filmy style..

okay read.


chaitu said...

nenu chadivanu sree..!! funny untundhi akadakada..
oka dialogue matram naku bhale gurtu undi poyindhi... venu ki chraku vachi antadu.. hi nee paga tagaleyya... inka nannu visgitse nene nee paga padatha ani .."" full navvochindhi akkada..:)

Sree said...

true.. !

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