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Sep 8, 2012

Shirdi Sai - Nagarjuna Movie

Hardcore Nagarjuna fan nenu, he is no doubt good but enduko overall movie devotional/spiritual feel raaledu naaku.  Rushed out at times and stretched at times anipinchi.. bio-pic ainaa kooda konchem fantasy add cheyyatam, commercial elements add cheyyadam, endukogaani mottam meeda for me the movie was a downer.

Kamalini get up kaani role kaani, spiritual kante sensualgaa choopinchadam.. Sayaaji Shinde antics.... total  downers!

Prati framelonu my mind went back to Shirdi Sai Mahatmyam, the old movie and edo TV serial choosinattu anipinchindi tappite Annamayya, Ramadaasu feel assalu raaledu...and even when the songs on screen were going on, I could still hear the only songs like.. sai charanam gangaa yamuna sangama samaanam ani, mind was yearning back to look at those characters than the ones in front, maybe I am biased because I could not see the commercial element in Sai Movie....

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