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Sep 11, 2012

Cough, cold and fever

With the kid down and me upset I end up watching either a lot of books or movies keeping a watch over her. There is severe fever at night times but in the day the kid seems to be okay, lots of cough and cold.. God, tough to see her barking-like cough... I would happily trade it with her..

Another round up for doctor continues, started her on a new medication, hopefully getting that into the system should help it.  Just want to wait for today evening and if it is the same situation, just want to take her to the clinic to see what best to do...!

So many things, so many changes in the near future.. and it is kind of blanking me down... another giant leap me awaits us and hoping it is for the best.

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Radha said...

Homeo medicines help kids in developing the immunity in the long run. chavanapras in the morning is also good in this cold weather. try giving her tulasi leaves frequently and honey-karakkaya too for cough. home-made try chesthoo bayata medicines help chesthai kada.

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