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Nov 7, 2012

... and that is me ???..!!

So, if you are not already surprised at so much of background action that had been happening in the past few months, here I go surprising myself as well :).. I finally got hooked on to Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.

Well, to those of you who know me through the blog or even in person know me that I can read anything and everything including the paper that anything comes wrapped in, for some odd reason I had never been able to read this one.

To begin with, my ignorant self did not even know tat Ayn Rand was a female author, well I am pretty ignorant that way unless the names are obviously gender specific I cannot figure out who is who :( and then when my bro, the English loving, complicated reading mahatma often quoted and said he loved it and then RGV also says it is a great book I tried to pick it up a lot of times and could not go beyond a page or for that matter could not even finish a line or two, I guess the reluctance was due to the size and also the fact that I am really scared of my brother's high-fi choice of reading complicated English stuff that kind of put me off.

When packing off stuff, I chanced up on this book yet again and this time, happily set packing aside and got hooked on to it and really found it engrossing.. am surprising myself quite often lately but this beats everything.. :).. and I have to forcibly tear myself out from it to get me back to task and vow to myself that this is what I want to read after I settle at the other end of the globe and not here..!!

and suddenly after I am done with majority moving stuff, I sit back and think about the recent happenings, it just leaves me wondering is that me????


Surya said...

Sree, have you read Ken Follet's Pillars of the Earth or Fall of Giants? Try them.

Surya said...

Sree, have you read Ken Follet's Fall of Giants or Pillars of the Earth? Try them.

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