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Nov 8, 2012


It is like I am vomiting posts today... eeks! that was gross but I guess that is how is my mood today... slept today as well.. went to the kid's first school, gave away her dress/shoes and stuff to be given to some kid in need and got a couple of T-shirt with school's logo gifts... took a few snaps as keepsakes and there we say bye to her first official school memories!...

Washed the car for one last time, typical desi style, near a fresh water pond, took up a lot more pics of typical lifestyle..

moving stuff out of the village - done.
got the dresses stitched, trial worn, and ironed... ready!! - done
Official Bye Byes.. Done.
one last check and complete packing from here... yet to do!

Things are getting done faster than anticipated... it is like this moment this and next moment that... 

I slept the whole day.. got tired doing nothing, came back, lazed a bit, now blogging yet again... I am going crazy and the best place to go crazy is my blog like always... Godddddddd!!!

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Nagamani said...

Well..I was a bit away from my daily routine for the past two, missed reading ur blog..Came to know from ur earlier posts that u r moving out of village..We r going to miss all the pics that u used to post..achamayina telugu bommalu..ptch..anyway wish u all the best in your new place (hyd ??)

Nagamani (Fellow TIAn)

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