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Nov 7, 2012

Virtual to Real

Life these days is mostly around the www or web for a lot of us, more than citizens of a nation, we are kind of netizens and specially me.. to think about it, I got married through that, stayed married through that and I guess got back my life and myself because of that in a nutshell.  I have a life but most of it is related directly or indirectly to people who I interact through the net.  For a while now, I have been interacting and in touch with my net buddies than my real ones thanks to the place that I chose to stay in.

Must give myself credit to me for keeping in touch with all my buddies right through my school and maintaining those healthy contacts and of course them too for just picking up where we left each time we meet up and make the bond stronger.

The first ever virtual buddy who met me was Smiley  and the one I badly wanted to meet and met was Uma, the Lioness in her den with her new cub :), amazing peace and positivity.

I respect my VB (virtual buddies) and take a lot of inputs from them, be there for them as they are for me but the thought of meeting them in person kind of never really stayed for longer and neither did it materialize until one fine morning where I get a call from my cheerful and talented buddy Keeks, that she wants to meet me up at my place.. phew!! surprise a buddy really wants to travel all the way down just to meet me up in this remote place, happy undoubtedly I was but that kind of jolted me out of my inertia and shook me up from my laziness and then starts the spree of meeting buddies whenever possible... all thanks to her.

I have been hanging out in a virtual community, sisterhood that helps in time of need.. so much so that if you want an answer to a query in an instant any time of the day, it is there for you in minutes, authentic, genuine and help offered.  I decided for the big move and there are my buddies there waiting for me though they have not seen me EVER!! trusting me, rooting for me, willing to take me in.. touched.

Kavitha met me at Cap's place and then me with Caps, rounded up all the buddies from the hangout one after the other, P family with their parents, siri, kavya, Harini and then Sowmya all the way from Bangalore.  It was fun, very exciting, some times surprising them, some times surprising ourselves.. but one thing I found was I was comfortable all through, never like, meeting for the first time or meeting outside.. here we were going to their homes, meeting them up and receiving love and friendship with the little ones in tow.. thank you all!!

Then the mega meet, the most awaited and wanted one happened, at the most unexpected place, met Apple and Pandu in Guntur.. now who would have expected that place of all.. a lot of things happened and since we badly wanted to catch up, ended up meeting at OH's relatives' function :).. where there is a will there is a way you see :).

Winding up has been a pain but it had been a little stressful thanks to these mini meets and waiting up for a few more ones lined up...

thank you one and all... cant thank you enough!

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chaitu said...

nenu kuda meekosam chala wait chestunanu Sree.. meeto chala sepu phone lo matladalani undhi...

Have a safe and happy journey.Wishing you happy and contented life ahead!

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