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My world comprises of LO the little one, OA the other adult at home, kiddo the brother :)

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Jan 30, 2013

ekkille petti edustunte kashtam potundaa...

Movie choostundagaane ee song piccha picchagaa nacchesindi... raasesukuni nerchesukuni paadeseyyaali anenta :)... teera chooste evaru raasaaru ani.. guess emainaa avasaram antaara mana sirivenella gaare.. iragesaaru sir as usual.. adurs!!

Movie:  Seetamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu.

Maree antagaa mahaa chintagaa moham muduchukokalaa
panem tochaka pareshaanga gadabida padaku ala
mathoyentaga sruthe penchagaa vichaarala vilavila
sarey chaalika alaa jaaliga tikamaka pedithe elaa
kanneerai, kuravaala.... mana chuttu unde lokam tadiselaa
mustaabe, chedaraala.... ninu chudaalante addam jadiselaa

ekkille petti edustunte kashtam potunda... kadaa.. marenduku gola!!!
ayyayyo papam ante edo laabham vastundaa... vrudha... prayaasa padaalaa

- maree antagaa-

Endalanu dandistaama
vaanalanu nindistaama
chalineto tarimestaama.. chee pommanee
kassumani kalahistaama
ussurani vilapistaama
rojulatho raaji padamaa, sarlemmani
saati manushulato maatram... saaganani enduku pantam..
pootakoka pechi padutu em sadhistaamante em chebutaam

ekkille petti edustunte kashtam pothundaa... kadaa... marenduku gola
ayyayyo papam ante edo labham vastunda... vrudha... prayaasa padaalaa

Chamatalem chindinchaala
sramapadem pandinchala
pedavipai chigurinchela chirunavvulu
kandalanu kariginchaala
kondalanu kadilinchaala
chacchi chedi saadhinchaala sukha-saanthulu

manushulanipinche rujuvu
mamatalanu penche ruthuvu
manasulanu teriche hituvu
vandellayina vaadani chirunavvu

ekkille petti edustunte kashtam pothundaa... kadaa... marenduku gola
ayyayyo papam ante edo labham vastunda... vrudha.. prayaasa padaalaa

The Movie Log..

Thanks to Netflix, get to watch a lot of English movies and Youku, the telugu releases :).  I know all the talk about piracy, rights, this and that but kya kare control hi nahin hotaa... but one good thing is that I do not find anything that I really really want to watch these days, so it is the Netflix.

Curious George, Caillou, Dora, the Explorer, Go-Diego Go.. well these are the characters which kind of rule our lives these days.. thanks to the concept of making the kid learn English, the way they do it here, we end up watching them as well and must say they are addictive.  So, the kid is officially out of the love for Chota Bheem and into the rest of them and thankfully she loves to play a lot more than watch TV if weather permits, so it is okay with me :).

Seetamamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu
Padi lechi maree choosaanu ee cinemaani nenu :).  Mahesh babu, ooh aah ouch ani andaru goggolu pedutunte but must confess, I find the movie boring without any twists... the concept of the heroes doing nothing does not go well with me as does the girls drooling over Mahesh (though this really really happens in real life and I had seen such instances myself)... Anjali and Samantha were good, such people do exist in real life but still somehow on screen from MB and VV... kuch hazam nahi hua... easy breezy watch.. loved one song in it though.

RadhaKrishna - Sobhan Babu, Jayapradha
Watched this movie in Youtube lazily just for that old world movie feel.. okay, can watch it once.

SMS - Sruthi Manasulo Siva
A feel good clean movie after a long time.

Andaala Raakshasi
It felt like a khichdi of Mani Ratnam movies Mouna Ragam, Geetanjali and Sakhi in its take.. though I loved all the three lead role players, they just looked so cute and the acting was good too.. a tragedy but a good one.

The Switch
Saw this movie yesterday after the kid slept really early... Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman and Patric Wilson... a good movie, starring old time actors, with a very old concept of late expression of feelings which might appeal only to a few old couples like ours ;)... the final conclusion by OA and me after seeing that :)..

had seen a few more, lost the track, will update a bit more often :) before I forget :).

Back to Books

With the kid going back to school and me doing some smart working in the kitchen, I have some time to myself and I get back to reading, something I really really love to and what better place than US with its excellent library system and vast collection to do the reading.  Must give credit to our village library and now the US one for all the good books they carry..

I love reading biographies, watching the pictures of the lives lived, researching a little bit on the net when reading them and here I begin

Exit With Honor - The life and Presidency of Ronald Regan
I love this guy, he used to remind me of my grandfather, that being the single reason ;).  When I used to watch News on good old DD and watch Regan, that is what I had in my mind :) and after that when I got to know that he had Alzheimer's and things like that wanted to know more about his life.  With him being from show biz, another one of my interests, I guess this is an apt first choice :).

To my surprise, he left the white house after 2 terms with a very high approval rating than any other Presidents despite of many lapses, his anti-communist stand, his Reaganomics, his memory lapses, his active part in trying to end the cold war with Russia and everything about it was charming to me.. it is a good read, for me at least.. it is not about his personal life but about politics and his policies and political growth and things like that... so, if such things interest you, it might be for you... otherwise can skip :).

H.R.H. - Danielle Steel
Heehee.. khikhi.. I do so many useless reads which are just feel good and it is one of them :).  This time around I have a personal resolution to get only one DS a month, not everything on the shelf like earlier.  An okay read about the life and feelings of a Serene princess from England, who wants to run away from clutches and duties of royalty and serve the needy in Africa who falls in love with a doctor  who meets in a Red Cross camp in Africa and how they come together... hopelessly logicless romantic novel like the rest of hers :).

... and there are more to go...!

Jan 15, 2013

New Beginnings

Among a lot of new things in life for us and things to do for me was the school hunt... I know, already the 4th school for the kid.. but the much needed one.  A new place, no friends, cold weather means indoor time.. a deadly combo which makes the kid terribly cranky It is a preschool and she is in young 4s.. her class is Ms. Ira's Super Stars, a good mix kids from across the globe.  This being the mid year, there were almost no openings for her age group which kind of broke my heart but then my buddy U suggested a couple of schools..

From where there was no option, I had a situation where it was 2 options.. like school A 3 hrs., spacious campus, waiting indoors during carpool timings, loved that place at first glance and to add to it there were a lot of Indian.. read as Telugu Speaking kids in the class which would make it an easy transition to the kid... but the timings were 9:30 to 12:30 and there was no carpooling option for me for 5-day week schedule which the kid was eligible for..

and there goes the school B which is a smaller compared to A, a good mix of kids from everywhere.  At first this seemed to be a disadvantage but when we thought about it more, the more we liked the idea. Kids being fast learners, language is not going to be a problem for her and she would be able to mix with everyone, and the best of it all 4 hrs.. 9 to 1 which means OA can drop her and go to the office and I got a drop-off option with her class teacher dropping her off at home which is a double bonus.. and hence the school hunt comes to a halt...

well wait if you think, this is going to be THE school for her now.. nope, had registered for Pre-K next year in a different school and then she needs to get into a public school for her K... phew!!!

One thing I love about education here is the encouragement for creative ability... so am I happy???  YES.. of course and so is the kid..

everyone says she will forget her Telugu soon and get into accented stuff, the part I am not looking forward to really but I would love it if she retains her Telugu flavor.. maybe asking for too much but I want it that way...

Jan 13, 2013

TV Baatein

I am a big TV fan.. I can stay without it on but once on I cant just resist..these days, I have quite a few shows that I follow, one of which has come to an end for the season this year.. yup.. no prizes for guessing.. Bigg Boss 6.. alag Che.. I love Salman hosting show and watching him interact that is the best part I am looking forward to minus when he is promoting, movies, shows, etc.. :).

The big Finale was yesterday and with Urvashi winning it.. it is a hat-trick.. 3 women in a row winning the show.. this year Imam, I am surprised, found entertaining by most of the audience got on to the housemate's nerves.  I guess he would have been a mess to live with but he is one trapped confused good soul with a kind heart and a sharp tongue :).  I have not followed every bit of it like I would have a few years ago but I made sure I got the gist of what was happening in the house..  I am going to miss it :).

Balika Vadhu, I love watching for its real life issue tackling.. good if it is kept that way..!  Madhu Bala... just love this guy... yumm!! toooo cute romance which got be bound.. hope they do not get too dramatic and keep it as close to reality as possible though with the storyline it seems kind of a tough task..

and last but not the least it is Brother and Sister Marathon that runs when I cook, wash, clean and do the house chores and of course the Dora, Caillou, Curious george, Chota Bheem runs with the kid..

and the netflix flicks that I give company to the OA watching...

Well, I am officially back to being a couch potato.... uhhhu.. uhhu.. pumpkin.

Jan 10, 2013

To Do

** Need to plan the day better.
**Spend less time in the kitchen and in general on cleaning the place, scrubbing down everything in the vicinity.
**Spend time with Sreya, exclusively making her do things she loves to do.
**Focus more on one-on-one explanation and be more patient and not get angry when she is unable to adjust to new kids.


I need to pick up the book and get, set... go..

For the first time in my life, I feel bad... my handicap becoming one for my daughter.. it hurts to see moms run after the kids, teaching them to dance, bike around, scooter rides and all that... and though they want to help out and reach out to Sreya, she wants me and not them... God!!! I never wanted to do any of those for my self but I do want to for my kid.  and then I decide there is one most important thing that I need to do for her..


I need to be more tolerant and patient when talking to her.

To practice and then preach is what I practically need to follow to the core..

Love you baby... just hang on for a while and wait for mom to buck up and make it up for the time lost.

on my mind now

The kid wants to go to school.. she is bored. I need to find a ride for her... get her set here, teach her how to be friends with other kids, caring, sharing, giving, taking turns and most importantly stop crying for everything and anything..

cant really blame her.. so many changes in such a short span is taking its toll on her.  I need to be more focussed on her.

health has gone for a toss.  need to restart dhyaana.. i just dont seem to be doing anything properly.. sigh!!

.. i have slowed down a lot, not able to plan my day properly.. need to pull my strings and move forward..

Jan 7, 2013

The long hiatus....

So, I am back.. in the blogville after a while.  Reached US safely, the kid got adjusted climate-wise really good (touchwood), in fact feeling better, may be due o lack of pollution or whatever, the perennial runny nose kind of took a break... all the upsides aside, once here my health went for a toss, infact to a critical point and back, too many fears, too much of drama, too much of sickness, well no middle ground for me i guess..

remember the village, the food and most importantly the scent of village but here I am as a unit of the family, nuclear it might be for us it is our universe.. so good for the kid, me and everyone around us.

Right now, all I seem to be doing is cooking, cleaning, washing, eating, sleeping.. endless.. tiring cycle.. too much of luxury back home kind of taking its toll.

well, I am back, hopefully to be here more often..

Thanks for hanging around..1

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