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Jan 30, 2013

Back to Books

With the kid going back to school and me doing some smart working in the kitchen, I have some time to myself and I get back to reading, something I really really love to and what better place than US with its excellent library system and vast collection to do the reading.  Must give credit to our village library and now the US one for all the good books they carry..

I love reading biographies, watching the pictures of the lives lived, researching a little bit on the net when reading them and here I begin

Exit With Honor - The life and Presidency of Ronald Regan
I love this guy, he used to remind me of my grandfather, that being the single reason ;).  When I used to watch News on good old DD and watch Regan, that is what I had in my mind :) and after that when I got to know that he had Alzheimer's and things like that wanted to know more about his life.  With him being from show biz, another one of my interests, I guess this is an apt first choice :).

To my surprise, he left the white house after 2 terms with a very high approval rating than any other Presidents despite of many lapses, his anti-communist stand, his Reaganomics, his memory lapses, his active part in trying to end the cold war with Russia and everything about it was charming to me.. it is a good read, for me at least.. it is not about his personal life but about politics and his policies and political growth and things like that... so, if such things interest you, it might be for you... otherwise can skip :).

H.R.H. - Danielle Steel
Heehee.. khikhi.. I do so many useless reads which are just feel good and it is one of them :).  This time around I have a personal resolution to get only one DS a month, not everything on the shelf like earlier.  An okay read about the life and feelings of a Serene princess from England, who wants to run away from clutches and duties of royalty and serve the needy in Africa who falls in love with a doctor  who meets in a Red Cross camp in Africa and how they come together... hopelessly logicless romantic novel like the rest of hers :).

... and there are more to go...!

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