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Jan 15, 2013

New Beginnings

Among a lot of new things in life for us and things to do for me was the school hunt... I know, already the 4th school for the kid.. but the much needed one.  A new place, no friends, cold weather means indoor time.. a deadly combo which makes the kid terribly cranky It is a preschool and she is in young 4s.. her class is Ms. Ira's Super Stars, a good mix kids from across the globe.  This being the mid year, there were almost no openings for her age group which kind of broke my heart but then my buddy U suggested a couple of schools..

From where there was no option, I had a situation where it was 2 options.. like school A 3 hrs., spacious campus, waiting indoors during carpool timings, loved that place at first glance and to add to it there were a lot of Indian.. read as Telugu Speaking kids in the class which would make it an easy transition to the kid... but the timings were 9:30 to 12:30 and there was no carpooling option for me for 5-day week schedule which the kid was eligible for..

and there goes the school B which is a smaller compared to A, a good mix of kids from everywhere.  At first this seemed to be a disadvantage but when we thought about it more, the more we liked the idea. Kids being fast learners, language is not going to be a problem for her and she would be able to mix with everyone, and the best of it all 4 hrs.. 9 to 1 which means OA can drop her and go to the office and I got a drop-off option with her class teacher dropping her off at home which is a double bonus.. and hence the school hunt comes to a halt...

well wait if you think, this is going to be THE school for her now.. nope, had registered for Pre-K next year in a different school and then she needs to get into a public school for her K... phew!!!

One thing I love about education here is the encouragement for creative ability... so am I happy???  YES.. of course and so is the kid..

everyone says she will forget her Telugu soon and get into accented stuff, the part I am not looking forward to really but I would love it if she retains her Telugu flavor.. maybe asking for too much but I want it that way...

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Sandhya said...

You are right. In countries like US, there is lot of emphasis on creative abilities rather than have children learn lessons like robots and grind them to learn only to pass in their exams.

Hope Shreya is adjusting well to her school. I am sure she will adapt well to the environment and culture there.

When I go to India, people are quick to ask "So does Anagha (my daughter who is 5 yrs old) speak Kannada?" They are amazed when she speaks in fluent Kannada, and recites shlokas and mantras. It is a perception that when we migrate to foreign countries, kids lose the ability to converse in mother tongue. It need not be so. If we continue to talk to kids at home in mother tongue and reinforce the importance of learning the language, the kids will learn it within no time.

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