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Jan 7, 2013

The long hiatus....

So, I am back.. in the blogville after a while.  Reached US safely, the kid got adjusted climate-wise really good (touchwood), in fact feeling better, may be due o lack of pollution or whatever, the perennial runny nose kind of took a break... all the upsides aside, once here my health went for a toss, infact to a critical point and back, too many fears, too much of drama, too much of sickness, well no middle ground for me i guess..

remember the village, the food and most importantly the scent of village but here I am as a unit of the family, nuclear it might be for us it is our universe.. so good for the kid, me and everyone around us.

Right now, all I seem to be doing is cooking, cleaning, washing, eating, sleeping.. endless.. tiring cycle.. too much of luxury back home kind of taking its toll.

well, I am back, hopefully to be here more often..

Thanks for hanging around..1

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Sandhya said...

So you are in Amrika now. All the best as you embark on your second innings of living in US. Take care.

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