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Jan 30, 2013

The Movie Log..

Thanks to Netflix, get to watch a lot of English movies and Youku, the telugu releases :).  I know all the talk about piracy, rights, this and that but kya kare control hi nahin hotaa... but one good thing is that I do not find anything that I really really want to watch these days, so it is the Netflix.

Curious George, Caillou, Dora, the Explorer, Go-Diego Go.. well these are the characters which kind of rule our lives these days.. thanks to the concept of making the kid learn English, the way they do it here, we end up watching them as well and must say they are addictive.  So, the kid is officially out of the love for Chota Bheem and into the rest of them and thankfully she loves to play a lot more than watch TV if weather permits, so it is okay with me :).

Seetamamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu
Padi lechi maree choosaanu ee cinemaani nenu :).  Mahesh babu, ooh aah ouch ani andaru goggolu pedutunte but must confess, I find the movie boring without any twists... the concept of the heroes doing nothing does not go well with me as does the girls drooling over Mahesh (though this really really happens in real life and I had seen such instances myself)... Anjali and Samantha were good, such people do exist in real life but still somehow on screen from MB and VV... kuch hazam nahi hua... easy breezy watch.. loved one song in it though.

RadhaKrishna - Sobhan Babu, Jayapradha
Watched this movie in Youtube lazily just for that old world movie feel.. okay, can watch it once.

SMS - Sruthi Manasulo Siva
A feel good clean movie after a long time.

Andaala Raakshasi
It felt like a khichdi of Mani Ratnam movies Mouna Ragam, Geetanjali and Sakhi in its take.. though I loved all the three lead role players, they just looked so cute and the acting was good too.. a tragedy but a good one.

The Switch
Saw this movie yesterday after the kid slept really early... Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman and Patric Wilson... a good movie, starring old time actors, with a very old concept of late expression of feelings which might appeal only to a few old couples like ours ;)... the final conclusion by OA and me after seeing that :)..

had seen a few more, lost the track, will update a bit more often :) before I forget :).

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