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Jan 10, 2013

To Do

** Need to plan the day better.
**Spend less time in the kitchen and in general on cleaning the place, scrubbing down everything in the vicinity.
**Spend time with Sreya, exclusively making her do things she loves to do.
**Focus more on one-on-one explanation and be more patient and not get angry when she is unable to adjust to new kids.


I need to pick up the book and get, set... go..

For the first time in my life, I feel bad... my handicap becoming one for my daughter.. it hurts to see moms run after the kids, teaching them to dance, bike around, scooter rides and all that... and though they want to help out and reach out to Sreya, she wants me and not them... God!!! I never wanted to do any of those for my self but I do want to for my kid.  and then I decide there is one most important thing that I need to do for her..


I need to be more tolerant and patient when talking to her.

To practice and then preach is what I practically need to follow to the core..

Love you baby... just hang on for a while and wait for mom to buck up and make it up for the time lost.

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