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Jan 13, 2013

TV Baatein

I am a big TV fan.. I can stay without it on but once on I cant just resist..these days, I have quite a few shows that I follow, one of which has come to an end for the season this year.. yup.. no prizes for guessing.. Bigg Boss 6.. alag Che.. I love Salman hosting show and watching him interact that is the best part I am looking forward to minus when he is promoting, movies, shows, etc.. :).

The big Finale was yesterday and with Urvashi winning it.. it is a hat-trick.. 3 women in a row winning the show.. this year Imam, I am surprised, found entertaining by most of the audience got on to the housemate's nerves.  I guess he would have been a mess to live with but he is one trapped confused good soul with a kind heart and a sharp tongue :).  I have not followed every bit of it like I would have a few years ago but I made sure I got the gist of what was happening in the house..  I am going to miss it :).

Balika Vadhu, I love watching for its real life issue tackling.. good if it is kept that way..!  Madhu Bala... just love this guy... yumm!! toooo cute romance which got be bound.. hope they do not get too dramatic and keep it as close to reality as possible though with the storyline it seems kind of a tough task..

and last but not the least it is Brother and Sister Marathon that runs when I cook, wash, clean and do the house chores and of course the Dora, Caillou, Curious george, Chota Bheem runs with the kid..

and the netflix flicks that I give company to the OA watching...

Well, I am officially back to being a couch potato.... uhhhu.. uhhu.. pumpkin.

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