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Feb 27, 2013

Youtube Movies

My latest pass time these days is watching telugu movies on youtube, searching for full movie.. the print is usually a very good one and I love watching it on TV, thanks to my smart Blu-Ray player ;) and ipad pair feature with you-tube in premium apps... (nenu kooda konchem konchem techie aipotunnaanocch ;)).

A Bapu-Ramana movie, a making style of their own, dialogues of their own, Charmi the naughty girl, Allari Naresh the village all-in-one journalist helping her out carry off their roles with elan.  Prema the mother and the father, Suneel Sharma, seemed so rubber-like with dubbing by SPB, seemed so out of place, so unnatural, seemed more like a drama and not a movie.. totally out of sync with any genre, basically seemed to be the same plot as that of Mutyaala Muggu with a girl kid minus the monkey who seems to be Naresh here... Pinky the tokaleni monkey, Prema's job, what they do, kota and his coterie... I wonder if I could not relate to this movie from the classic film maker... but I certainly think this taking certainly was meant to be doomed.

Mem Vayasuku Vacchaam
I would not have picked out on watching this movie if not for Youtube, but was pleasantly surprised at the content.  Tanish (the brother from Manmadhudu) plays the hero who loves a girl and wants to get married to her but she runs away seeing another girl's photo in his purse..Bharati Raja plays a cameo who listens to the whole story when the hero comes looking for the girl... What starts off like a typical inter-religious love story, takes a different turn in its mature, close to reality climax, though it is too far-fetched to show them as friends :).. The girl gives into her family wishes and marries another guy of their choice while the hero goes through all the ditched-feelings and on the verge of losing sanity period but finally comes to terms with life and moves on when he finds another girl he likes and realizes that the feelings actually did not die after one failure... absolutely very much possible... I loved watching it :).

Feb 26, 2013

The Palace of Illusions - Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

This is one of the books I had been planning to read for quite some time, first I saw it in Rad's list and then started the search.  I moved back to India, had my own life to look after and then somehow the desire to read it kind of went down.  Now that I have an access to a good library, hunted it down and got it.  No, absolutely not disappointed at all the effort.  It has really made me sit up and read it in one go.

I do not know how far it is true, this version of MahaBharatha through the eyes of Paanchaali, a woman who had 5 husbands, which is kind of unheard of for human beings.  I always had this nagging feeling, how must she have felt and how the hell had she managed her thoughts from not drifting to others when with one person or even if she did, how did she mask it from being obvious.  How was the domestic life and all that.  The author kind of puts an end to all those thoughts, though a fiction, I kind of found my answers to a lot of questions.  The book shows the internal conflict of Draupadi, married to 5 Kunti-Putras on their mother's words but deep within pined for the eldest, Karna.  The way she was responsible for yuga-changing history, the way she led her life, the way she saw herself, explored her inner feelings and bared it to the readers.  It might be mahaa-paapam to even think of the noble pativratas or something like that but I must say, it makes it all the more easy to relate to 'cos that character thinks like one of us... I enjoyed reading it thoroughly..

When I first saw Daana Veera Soora Karna with OA, he told me that Draupadi seeking Karna as 6th husband in her deepest desires as some fragment of fertile NTR's imagination and how his Brahmin friends kind of banned that movie as well as a lot of NTR's movies which showed the regular villains in better light, as having more morals, courage but stuck by circumstances, like glorifying Ravana and Duryodhana, the evil personified characters of greatest Indian Scriptures and accused him of tampering with sacred stuff... since then that part of Bharata intrigued me a lot and for a person growing up like I did, this book makes a very interesting read...!

Feb 25, 2013

The Other Side of Me - Sidney Sheldon

An autobiography of a versatile writer.. I did not know much about him, how he got into writing books and all that, to me he is one writer and when I read this book.. I got to know he has much more to him, a successful theater writer who started as a song writer, who got into movie writing, then directing and then finally into a successful book writer popular world over.

I have not seen any of his movies.  I had watched his I dream of Jeannie on TV a long while ago but then I did not really bother to see who wrote it :).

A very interesting read which brings forth his problems with manic depression, the way his life took shape and all that..

Recent Movies

Rock Star
Absolutely loved Ranbir in this flick... chaala chaala touching and moving love story but okate doubt deenni theaterlo janaalu elaa choostaaru ani expect chesi teesaaru abbaa!!!!  I loved the heroine in the movie, she is so delicate, Nargis, just loved her.. too much of confusion and chaos, not a theater watch.

Asalu janaalu Varun Sandesh toti cinemaalu enduku teestunnaaru anedi naaku artham avvadu ippati daaka, like with Nitin, edo vastay, enduku choosaama annattu untaay... another such movie... routine.

Accidents Happen
Accidents happen and they do change the course of lives of the people involved in it.. Geena Davis flick of what seems to be a cursed family with so many things happening, so many tragedies... okay watch!

The Dark Side of Midnight - Sidney Sheldon

This book is actually a combination of 3 novels by Sidney Sheldon

Like all others, this has been a page turner too.. I like SS books and this is a re-run going on :).

The other side of Midnight
SS explores the concept of extreme passion, love and hate, the difference between which is very marginal due to the persons/situations involved in the back drop of world war, a good read.

Rage of Angels
The story of a young lawyer trapped with mafia unknowingly who falls in love with a married man running for senate and then the president and then again gets trapped in the mafia grip.. good read.

Blood line
The story of a heiress trying to figure out who killed her father and tried to kill her.. gripping..

Feb 22, 2013

Amerikaavasapu Kadhalu

Telugulo raayaali undi, chaala rojula ninchi telugu transliteration endukano naa systemlo pani cheyyaka cheyyalekapotunnaa but i am not sure if I can do it full-fledgedly...

There are too many tales to be told about life in US, my life and life in general, so I am planning to do them, as time permits.. preferably in Telugu... :).

Feb 11, 2013

Yeto Vellipoyindi Manasu

I really fell in love with this movie when I watched it, a love story similar to YMC, yet another one I fell in love with a while ago.  It is different both in treatment as well as story line to the one prior, a bit more mature and a lot more intense than the one earlier... love in all the phases of life, school, college, work and then finally the very important step of being together and at what cost.

Beautifully captured emotions, Nani and Samantha do an outstanding job, just loved them both, the immature fights, the egos so huge, something that I kind of relate to very much.  A movie which touched and move me to the core, must say than anything else ever.  So many memories came flooding, a passion so intense that I never knew still left behind, a desire to forget, forgive and move on and realize what is meant to be and what is not.

and man this Goutam Menon has a knack of portraying one's deepest emotions easily on the screen, taking us shockingly into those closed quarters of life, some feelings buried down under, so deep, that it seems like in another birth but surprisingly the emotions are still fresh when thought about even for a fleeting moment.  Gunde pindesindi ee movie, evo answers dorakani questionski suddengaa solution kanipinchinattu, oka laanti relief from pent-up thoughts... something that made me let go off a part of my past without any grudge, regrets never but that resentment to think about certain incidents is no longer there..

and next time I were to watch a GM movie, remind me to be all set for an emotional roller-coaster, stirring the deepest most feelings in me..

Leading Ladies in Tollywood Movies

Coincidentally, I was thinking about doing a post along these lines and Sireesha kind of did that already and in a much better way than I would have put it across.

Recently I was watching some promo events of Seetamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu, supposedly a funny interview with Chinnodu and Peddodu with Suma, Dil Raju and Srikanth Addala, there was this question about the choice of heroine and Mahesh Babu kind of says... established herionesni teesukunte aa ammayi peru meeda teesina cinema aipotundi, ee ammayini (Anjali)ni teesukotam moolana maaku plus ayyindi, baaga work out ayyindi or something like that, not the same words but meaning pretty much the same and I was just thinking about the heroines in his movies, dumb ones, running after him, silly to the core when in his presence and then mana mind as usual koti jumplu kottukuntoo Trivikram heriones meedaki alaa vellipoyindi and like she says HERE, they seem to be getting worse, dumb bimbos... I just hope he comes up with some thing good, witty and clarity with a heroine oriented movie or do I hear myself saying impossible from within?

and nijamgaa at that point asalu Goutam Menon naaku thoughtsloki raaledu ee contextlo but come to think of it, I guess the reason I love the feel in his movies is precisely that.. the strength of the heroine and the conviction with which she goes about her life, not bowing down!

Movies, Movies... :).

The Rebound
Catherine Zeta-Zones, a mother of two who catches her husband cheating moves on with her life taking up a job at a news channel, indaverdantly falls in love with a guy much younger to her, a baby-sitter to her kids in fact and how the story unfolds is the basic story line..  good time pass.

Morning Glory
A young news channel executive produces struggling to make a show that is to be taken off air due its poor TRPs, pulls in a very high-rated journalist into the seemingly silly morning talk show and how she makes it work.. Harrison Ford looks so old in this one and so do the rest of the stars, it felt like I am watching the stars of our era in the very end of their career.. good time pass.

Routine Love Story
From the makers of LBW, it is a better one than the previous one most certainly.  Liked the casting, they look good, the story line is contemporary, appealing to the youth, kind of too much for me but an okay watch.

Ongole Gitta
Kandireega hit aipoyindi kadaa ani konchem pedda size animal gitta meeda paddaadu Ram, this guy is getting over confident, cinema antaa moseddaam tana bhujaala meeda anesukuni borla padipoyinattu anipinchindi.. routine story with a different taking anocchu.  Ongole Market Yard backdroplo story, typical Prakash Raj Role.. Prabhu ento ee madhya maree itsy bitsy roles chesestunnaadu and heroineki role edo undi, tanedo chesindi... bore kottesindi basicgaa.

Artha raatri nidra pattaka, intlo files and papers sort out chesukuntoo youtuble full telugu movie vetiki maree choosaanu Rajendra Prasad movie kadaa konchem comedy untundi ani... time andi time, serious movie, message oriented.. too much of drama, edo alaa alaa choosestoo noppi teliyakundaa documents anni file chesesi.. one final suitcase from India kooda sardesi, ippudu system meeda padi updates chestunna :).. khi, khi, khi.

Sonia Gandhi - An Extraordinary Life, An Indian Destiny

When I picked up this book, to be more precise, when I saw this book, my first reaction was.. why am I even bothering to look at it, then.. what must she have gotten written in it... emi raayinchesukuni untundabbaa ani and then finally could not resist picking it up 'cos I never really thought much about this person of foreign origin who kind of rules our nation seemingly.

OA was like, don't even get started.. avasaramaa ippudu neeku... but then me being me, got on to it.  Must say that this is not a book screaming out loud sycophancy, reasonably good narrative and it certainly kept me interested till the very end 'cos SG to me is a blank paper, just like her expressionless face.

The book starts with the assassination of Rajiv, takes us through their early life together, the life after wedding, Emergency, Death of Sanjay, Assassination of Indira and then her entry into politics.. in a nutshell, it is three funerals and a birth in a political family, India's first family.

Too much of negativity aside, one must truly appreciate and understand the mettle she has to be able to keep it going and being the undisputed head of Congress party as long as she is alive probably, which most certainly is not an easy task.  She remains as much a mystery she was prior to my reading this book but now, I truly empathize with her.  To give the credit where it is due, she might have just been a hostess for the PM or the opposition party leader at home, had everything been well... Sanjay's death, she might not have planned as was Indira's assassination and finally definitely not Rajiv's.. after being through so much, it is a woman of substance that she emerges as and yes, undoubtedly, to me she is one of the strongest woman this century has seen..

a good read!

Feb 7, 2013

Picchi Kopam

Naalo nenu maarchukovaali anukunedi, maarchukokundaa undatam chaala better anukunedi koodaa kopame... adi deggarundi choosina vaallaki telustundi, alaanti ilaanti kopam kaadu ani.. picchi kopam, picchi balam vacchestundi... enta ante aa arupulaki rendu moodu rojulu neerasa padipoyenta... anta chetu chestundi ani telisinaa aa kshanamlo aapukoleni kasi... aapi aapi uggabattukuni oke saari kakkese visham anipistundi venakki tirigi choosukunte.. daani moolaana emocchindi naaku ante, emi ledu ontiki aayasam, ontlo rogam tappa... nannu nene maarchukolenappude evaro maarataaru ani enduku, edi maaradu ani telisi telisi enduku aa paityam anedi artham kanuka aite, adi aacharincheste nenu mahaa maneeshi aipotaanemo..!

I think I subconsciously search for a person to divert my anger on, maybe yes or maybe not... it is easier to put that blame on others right!  Okay, that person is not right, then who the hell is asking you to sit up and take notice and judge and then rant and ramble and burst out eventually and if that person is wrong, it is he/she who will face the consequences, why do I have to set about to set them straight, who the hell am I?

Maa ammamma okati antoo undedi elika ekkirinchindi ani illu tagalettukuntaamaa enti ani?  How true is it?  My insecurities, my fears and my thoughts on those crazy things make me go berserk at times, why do I let other's gain that control over me and where the hell is the real me.. the one who shouts her lungs out is not the actual me... I regret it the moment I do it but I end up doing it...

well, I did not do anything of that sort of late but it is something that has been on my mind for a while, what I had done and why I reacted the way I did and what is in it..

 ee jeevitam oka kshanamlo emi jarigipotundo teliyani maaya daani kosam inta taapatrayam, moham avasaramaa...

OA and me had our fights, got our lives apart sticking to them and in the end of it all, the one thing that we cherish the most is being together, as a stable unit called family, providing the kid what we craved for the most.  It would have been the same with our parents too, maybe they had something for us in their minds, they certainly have accommodated us in their lives for so long and they still do.  How easy/hard is it to break ties with our siblings, parents just because we tend to disagree with what they might feel or do not want to live the way they want us to lead our lives?

A good support system is all that we crave for, supporting us in whatever we do, so they must be expecting the same from us?  but at what cost??... when a person is hell bent on ruining his/her life, taking ours down with them, how far can we extend a helping hand, no matter how close he/she is.

Love, hate, anger, sadness, tears.. is this what the whole kinship comes to a halt at?...

thoughts sort out chesukovaali ani chaala alochistoo, eto oka kotta komma pattukuni atu dookeyyadam ee picchi manasuki alavaate kaabatti, aa picchi kopam inkaa taggatledu anukovaalaa??...

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