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Feb 22, 2013

Amerikaavasapu Kadhalu

Telugulo raayaali undi, chaala rojula ninchi telugu transliteration endukano naa systemlo pani cheyyaka cheyyalekapotunnaa but i am not sure if I can do it full-fledgedly...

There are too many tales to be told about life in US, my life and life in general, so I am planning to do them, as time permits.. preferably in Telugu... :).


vajra said...

Telugu lo rayadaniki chala sites unnayi sree garu. Nenu mostly googli transliterate use chesthanu.

Worst scenario lo meeku wrk cheyyakapothe indulo telugu lo rayandi

You can also try here

Wising you gud luck fr entering into tel journey..:) ;)

Sree said...

Thanks Vajra garu... I figured out a way, blogger is easier.. actually I was looking for some thing which retains the Tinglish and Telugu script as well..

Manasa said...

Lovely subject Sushma garu, please start cheyandi. Telugu lone baguntundi..take your own time.

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