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Feb 11, 2013

Leading Ladies in Tollywood Movies

Coincidentally, I was thinking about doing a post along these lines and Sireesha kind of did that already and in a much better way than I would have put it across.

Recently I was watching some promo events of Seetamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu, supposedly a funny interview with Chinnodu and Peddodu with Suma, Dil Raju and Srikanth Addala, there was this question about the choice of heroine and Mahesh Babu kind of says... established herionesni teesukunte aa ammayi peru meeda teesina cinema aipotundi, ee ammayini (Anjali)ni teesukotam moolana maaku plus ayyindi, baaga work out ayyindi or something like that, not the same words but meaning pretty much the same and I was just thinking about the heroines in his movies, dumb ones, running after him, silly to the core when in his presence and then mana mind as usual koti jumplu kottukuntoo Trivikram heriones meedaki alaa vellipoyindi and like she says HERE, they seem to be getting worse, dumb bimbos... I just hope he comes up with some thing good, witty and clarity with a heroine oriented movie or do I hear myself saying impossible from within?

and nijamgaa at that point asalu Goutam Menon naaku thoughtsloki raaledu ee contextlo but come to think of it, I guess the reason I love the feel in his movies is precisely that.. the strength of the heroine and the conviction with which she goes about her life, not bowing down!


Sireesha said...

Hey.. women's portrayal in media meeda pedda book ye raayochu. :-)

Sree said...


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