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Feb 11, 2013

Movies, Movies... :).

The Rebound
Catherine Zeta-Zones, a mother of two who catches her husband cheating moves on with her life taking up a job at a news channel, indaverdantly falls in love with a guy much younger to her, a baby-sitter to her kids in fact and how the story unfolds is the basic story line..  good time pass.

Morning Glory
A young news channel executive produces struggling to make a show that is to be taken off air due its poor TRPs, pulls in a very high-rated journalist into the seemingly silly morning talk show and how she makes it work.. Harrison Ford looks so old in this one and so do the rest of the stars, it felt like I am watching the stars of our era in the very end of their career.. good time pass.

Routine Love Story
From the makers of LBW, it is a better one than the previous one most certainly.  Liked the casting, they look good, the story line is contemporary, appealing to the youth, kind of too much for me but an okay watch.

Ongole Gitta
Kandireega hit aipoyindi kadaa ani konchem pedda size animal gitta meeda paddaadu Ram, this guy is getting over confident, cinema antaa moseddaam tana bhujaala meeda anesukuni borla padipoyinattu anipinchindi.. routine story with a different taking anocchu.  Ongole Market Yard backdroplo story, typical Prakash Raj Role.. Prabhu ento ee madhya maree itsy bitsy roles chesestunnaadu and heroineki role edo undi, tanedo chesindi... bore kottesindi basicgaa.

Artha raatri nidra pattaka, intlo files and papers sort out chesukuntoo youtuble full telugu movie vetiki maree choosaanu Rajendra Prasad movie kadaa konchem comedy untundi ani... time andi time, serious movie, message oriented.. too much of drama, edo alaa alaa choosestoo noppi teliyakundaa documents anni file chesesi.. one final suitcase from India kooda sardesi, ippudu system meeda padi updates chestunna :).. khi, khi, khi.

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