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Feb 25, 2013

Recent Movies

Rock Star
Absolutely loved Ranbir in this flick... chaala chaala touching and moving love story but okate doubt deenni theaterlo janaalu elaa choostaaru ani expect chesi teesaaru abbaa!!!!  I loved the heroine in the movie, she is so delicate, Nargis, just loved her.. too much of confusion and chaos, not a theater watch.

Asalu janaalu Varun Sandesh toti cinemaalu enduku teestunnaaru anedi naaku artham avvadu ippati daaka, like with Nitin, edo vastay, enduku choosaama annattu untaay... another such movie... routine.

Accidents Happen
Accidents happen and they do change the course of lives of the people involved in it.. Geena Davis flick of what seems to be a cursed family with so many things happening, so many tragedies... okay watch!

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