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Feb 11, 2013

Sonia Gandhi - An Extraordinary Life, An Indian Destiny

When I picked up this book, to be more precise, when I saw this book, my first reaction was.. why am I even bothering to look at it, then.. what must she have gotten written in it... emi raayinchesukuni untundabbaa ani and then finally could not resist picking it up 'cos I never really thought much about this person of foreign origin who kind of rules our nation seemingly.

OA was like, don't even get started.. avasaramaa ippudu neeku... but then me being me, got on to it.  Must say that this is not a book screaming out loud sycophancy, reasonably good narrative and it certainly kept me interested till the very end 'cos SG to me is a blank paper, just like her expressionless face.

The book starts with the assassination of Rajiv, takes us through their early life together, the life after wedding, Emergency, Death of Sanjay, Assassination of Indira and then her entry into politics.. in a nutshell, it is three funerals and a birth in a political family, India's first family.

Too much of negativity aside, one must truly appreciate and understand the mettle she has to be able to keep it going and being the undisputed head of Congress party as long as she is alive probably, which most certainly is not an easy task.  She remains as much a mystery she was prior to my reading this book but now, I truly empathize with her.  To give the credit where it is due, she might have just been a hostess for the PM or the opposition party leader at home, had everything been well... Sanjay's death, she might not have planned as was Indira's assassination and finally definitely not Rajiv's.. after being through so much, it is a woman of substance that she emerges as and yes, undoubtedly, to me she is one of the strongest woman this century has seen..

a good read!

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