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Feb 25, 2013

The Other Side of Me - Sidney Sheldon

An autobiography of a versatile writer.. I did not know much about him, how he got into writing books and all that, to me he is one writer and when I read this book.. I got to know he has much more to him, a successful theater writer who started as a song writer, who got into movie writing, then directing and then finally into a successful book writer popular world over.

I have not seen any of his movies.  I had watched his I dream of Jeannie on TV a long while ago but then I did not really bother to see who wrote it :).

A very interesting read which brings forth his problems with manic depression, the way his life took shape and all that..


HarshaBharath said...

wow gud u r reading sydney ... well u know what most of his stories are women oriented.. and glad that u had a post of him... read more of his books even though they are more of thriller still they are women oriented...

Sree said...

Hi Harsha, long time... yeah, I get that, he is partial to womankind anocchu... true, they are absolutely fantastic reads.

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