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Feb 11, 2013

Yeto Vellipoyindi Manasu

I really fell in love with this movie when I watched it, a love story similar to YMC, yet another one I fell in love with a while ago.  It is different both in treatment as well as story line to the one prior, a bit more mature and a lot more intense than the one earlier... love in all the phases of life, school, college, work and then finally the very important step of being together and at what cost.

Beautifully captured emotions, Nani and Samantha do an outstanding job, just loved them both, the immature fights, the egos so huge, something that I kind of relate to very much.  A movie which touched and move me to the core, must say than anything else ever.  So many memories came flooding, a passion so intense that I never knew still left behind, a desire to forget, forgive and move on and realize what is meant to be and what is not.

and man this Goutam Menon has a knack of portraying one's deepest emotions easily on the screen, taking us shockingly into those closed quarters of life, some feelings buried down under, so deep, that it seems like in another birth but surprisingly the emotions are still fresh when thought about even for a fleeting moment.  Gunde pindesindi ee movie, evo answers dorakani questionski suddengaa solution kanipinchinattu, oka laanti relief from pent-up thoughts... something that made me let go off a part of my past without any grudge, regrets never but that resentment to think about certain incidents is no longer there..

and next time I were to watch a GM movie, remind me to be all set for an emotional roller-coaster, stirring the deepest most feelings in me..

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