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Feb 27, 2013

Youtube Movies

My latest pass time these days is watching telugu movies on youtube, searching for full movie.. the print is usually a very good one and I love watching it on TV, thanks to my smart Blu-Ray player ;) and ipad pair feature with you-tube in premium apps... (nenu kooda konchem konchem techie aipotunnaanocch ;)).

A Bapu-Ramana movie, a making style of their own, dialogues of their own, Charmi the naughty girl, Allari Naresh the village all-in-one journalist helping her out carry off their roles with elan.  Prema the mother and the father, Suneel Sharma, seemed so rubber-like with dubbing by SPB, seemed so out of place, so unnatural, seemed more like a drama and not a movie.. totally out of sync with any genre, basically seemed to be the same plot as that of Mutyaala Muggu with a girl kid minus the monkey who seems to be Naresh here... Pinky the tokaleni monkey, Prema's job, what they do, kota and his coterie... I wonder if I could not relate to this movie from the classic film maker... but I certainly think this taking certainly was meant to be doomed.

Mem Vayasuku Vacchaam
I would not have picked out on watching this movie if not for Youtube, but was pleasantly surprised at the content.  Tanish (the brother from Manmadhudu) plays the hero who loves a girl and wants to get married to her but she runs away seeing another girl's photo in his purse..Bharati Raja plays a cameo who listens to the whole story when the hero comes looking for the girl... What starts off like a typical inter-religious love story, takes a different turn in its mature, close to reality climax, though it is too far-fetched to show them as friends :).. The girl gives into her family wishes and marries another guy of their choice while the hero goes through all the ditched-feelings and on the verge of losing sanity period but finally comes to terms with life and moves on when he finds another girl he likes and realizes that the feelings actually did not die after one failure... absolutely very much possible... I loved watching it :).

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