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Mar 22, 2013

Indira Gandhi, An Intimate Biography - Pupul Jayakar

After reading the book on Sonia, me being me, made sure I go through a lot of youtube resources and google photos and pictures to see the timeline and incidents and about Maneka Gandhi and rest of the family, the facts and rumors and a whole lot of things.. so in that quest for the unknown which kind of keeps me going these days :), I pick up this book on Indira.

Pupul is a friend of Indira personally and for her to write this would have been a challenge had Indira been alive when she started her efforts... the author does not sound be a sycophant, kind of provides an objective view without being overtly critical... liked what I read.  The relationship between the Gandhis, the generation next and all that, incidents leading to her marriage, studies, death, so-called affairs, everything is touched up on but not dealt with enough to clarify my personal doubts  but it has been a good read which made me look up a few more things on the net and spend my sleepless nights researching the Gandhi clan much to the amusement of the OA who strongly hates Sonia and thinks she is out to ruin core India...

well, I must say I have not turned an ardent fan of the clan or a hater, but I do understand a few of things that they did.  Indira, the essence of her, I guess cannot be captured with such a tiny book, but it does a good enough job.

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