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Mar 23, 2013

Komaram....??? Puli

I have not seen this movie earlier, but had some really crazy reviews about it... but now when I actually see it I feel nothing does justice to the comedy therein... Damn! was thinking that Balayya had patent rights for such crazy movies, PK gives him a neck-to-neck competition here...

What made him do this movie?  It is like a caricature of PK... not even an enemy should do to that guy is my feeling... aa expressions enti, aa story enti, aa action enti... dialogues are good, forceful, but coming from his mouth with that body language kind of loses that effect...

tikka moodlo ee cinema kanaka chooste paityam prakopistundi.... !

1 comment:

Sireesha said...

He he. I never dared to watch it. I happened to glimpse a scene or two and they were outright vulgar.

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