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Mar 22, 2013

Of biographies and net searches...

of late, reading biographies, especially of those in showbiz and politics, I begin to wonder where all the hard work one puts in goes and when does this facade start, too many versions, too much of confusion... and whether it is all worth it.. and also looking at such tragic events, why dont others learn not to slip... guess, popularity gives the highest of highs and leaves one in lowest of lows once it is mishandled!

I have been reading a good number of biographies of late and watching documentaries, youtube videos related to the incidents mentioned.  The news and the paparazzi as usual have been very very vague and shady about a lot of things, contradictions everywhere, giving me an impression media has always been the same then and now.. not much change...

My finds and a few more questions...
Sanjay Gandhi and his frugal life style and how could be he so misunderstood or over-criticized....
Nehru his lifestyle..
and the eternal mystery of why Indira is a Gandhi and not a Khan... ??? and a whole lot of other questions about the Gandhi-Nehru Dynasty..


the tragic life he lead, the circumstances leading to his death... and most essentially, is he really dead???
and I for one believe that the kids were MJ's own... blanket, crazy as the name sounds looked more like MJ than any of the other kids... 

how would it to be to actually figure out an alive MJ after all the hue and cry?

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