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Mar 22, 2013

Queen of Dreams - Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

After the super successful read of The Palace of Illusions, I have decided to pick another book of hers, yes it was indeed a good read but I am left with confusion on the narrating style...

the mother is a dream reader (if that exists) and the way the daughter always felt shut from her mother's past in India, the country of her origin, she is never let into it.  In an accident, the mother dies and the daughter finds her journals written in Bengali, which the father agrees to translate for her.  Meanwhile, a rapport builds up between the daughter and father and she gets to see the side of his which she never thought existed... it is a wonderful array of emotions, situations, incidents interwoven together.... but for simplistic reader like me.. or someone who likes easy flow of  words, the narrative is confusing... the journals, the story of the mother, the dreams, the visions, everything kind of throws me out of the flow of the story and kind of pulls me back into it...

overall, a good read... 

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