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Mar 17, 2013


As usual, the sick, wheezy me back in bed with the back pain that seemingly does not go away.. just about a month of feeling getting back in track and things go back to square one... watching a lot of TV, saw Table 21, The attacks of 26/11.. loved them both, the first better.. second is a good taking but too much of dragging in Nana's modulation and long-drawn lectures rather than showcasing the courage of localites and policemen... on a lighter note, so final product after taking down one CM for RGV's eccentricities has seen the light of the day...

saw sontham, and can empathize with Namita's weight issues... :).. movie is so, so.. comedy is good.

read a couple of books... they seem good, reviews will follow..

completed 24, the television series, episode 1 back to back and vowed not to get back to the addiction... :).

being back on medication and forced restful days is not a good idea!!! get well soon... GET WELL SOON, GET WELL SOON...

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Kalpana said...

Get Well Soon Dear!!!

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