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Mar 22, 2013

Unmasked, The Final Years Of Michael Jackson - Ian Halperin

The first time I ever saw Michael Jackson was on cable tv, where they were showing his concert videos.  I did not really understand the crazy fans, the ones who were crying, jumping, screaming, running, total mania and chaos... after that I loved his song Heal The World.

Then learned about him, his child abuse cases, weddings with Lisa Presley, Debbie Rowe, the kids, the divorces, the Neverland Rach and all those things but never really took a keen interest in him.  I was in my village when he expired and only thing that I felt was pity about how lonely he was despite having everything, somehow could relate to that part of his yearning and all to be a kid.. I personally do not think he is a child molester he is portrayed to be.  He had his personal eccentric choices maybe but not molesting and that too not kids!! 

The book is by an investigative father who claims that he had his own doubts when he started writing.   The jury decision pronouncing MJ not guilty is what triggered his research and what he found in the process.  It is distressing to read how he was influenced by people how he lost control of everything.  The transcripts of interviews with Oprah, the interview of Chandler kid and a lot more kind of form the story and enables to form an opinion of him.

This is the first book I read of MJ and it more or less covered all the aspects of his life and not just his performances, rather performances take the last seat in this book. it is all about the man.

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