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Mar 28, 2013

Youtube Movies

I am actually enjoying watching movies on youtube more than I thought... so it is a movie a day marathon these days, good quality ones mostly both print wise and content wise.  keep a movie, do the household chores :)... aadutu paadutu pani chestunte days are gone I guess, choostoo vintoo pani chestunte... :)

16 December
Typical defense forces movie busting the revenue crimes in India, money in Swiss bank used to buy weapons to destroy India by Pakistani who is upset about his nation's surrender in the war between nations... okay watch.

Naina - A reasonably good movie in horror genre that I happened to watch of late.. Urmila is the only one that comes to my mind for such roles, she blends in so perfectly. But for some dragged scenes, the overall impact is noteworthy. No link whatsoever but reminded me of Kokila (old Naresh, Sobhana flick), the corneal transplant part I guess. Must agree, Indians do copy things in a class of their own, our very own version of "The Eye".

A children's film, touching about the innocence of a child, love towards his family, friend Birbal, a donkey, the way he goes just about this close to commit a crime to get it back but holds himself back... the movie is all about childhood, innocence, the struggles of people near the border, where living each day is a struggle in itself, getting by without the man of the house, bringing up children, some subtle things... and most importantly a very sad truth how violence lurks all around them when they are so helpless and how it gets them into its grip..

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Sireesha said...

16 December - I watched it during my graduation days and I liked it very much. The reason - this was the movie I saw after a very long time.. and also I like Milind Soman. :) There was one song (slow and melodious) in it, which I liked very much.

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