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Apr 11, 2013

Atlas Shrugged

My first stint with Ayn Rand was 10 yrs. ago when my brother would not stop praises about "The Fountainhead" and to this day, it remains the only book that I never really got beyond the first page :-p. To me, Fountainhead is above my head :-p but of late, RGV (yup, another maverick like me) got me back to her and this time I chose Atlas Shrugged.

God, she is one genius, a writer who thought ahead, predicted ahead, the virtue of selfishness, altruism, the political connect to what she said about 50 yrs. ago would happen, what she tried to put forward, just amazing.

Was surprised to see so much negativity this book attracted during her lifetime, thinking ahead of time was her greatest flaw I guess.

She is no doubt going to be a cult figure in the literary circles forever and I, for one, just got in :).

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