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My world comprises of LO the little one, OA the other adult at home, kiddo the brother :)

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May 22, 2013

Two more

Liked Prabhas a lot in the movie, a good time pass...rivalry, family values, getting the villian gang changed, marrying the girl from the house is the routine, the twist in the tale is that the guy trying to do this is the rival who loses his mom and realizes the value of peace and staying together... can watch once... good one!

Chaitu is good, Sunil is convincing but something did not work... too much of violence with a tinge of comedy.  Tamanna is totally wasted in the movie.

May 21, 2013

more movies

No matter what my movie watching spree never stops

Somehow lost track of the movie halfway through, did not like it.. Mafia, crime syndicate, mixing with them, revenge... blah, blah, blah... A few weeks down the line.. neither do I remember anything about it nor is there anything worth... He better focus on what he knows best, acting, than getting into petty politics to shift his focus.

Baboye, another bundal movie.   I am beginning to hate the roles Tapsee does in the movies these days, skin show and more of it and that begins and ends there.. phew and Venky what does he think he is doing at 52, that hairstyle, that choice of movie...

Greeku Veerudu
Liked the flow of the movie, felt like it is another variation with a different angle, much much similar to Santosham, feel good, eye candy movie.  Nag seems older, age is certainly catching up but this is most certainly a simple, sober movie.

An average movie with an interesting story line, nothing new but just a new twist, okay to watch once.  Ravi Teja is getting old and it shows, he is most certainly a hardworking actor and carries the role with ease, the face has a different story to tell altogether.

Raaz - 2
A very violent movie dealing with revenge and supernatural forces and all that.. Kangana's face struck to be very odd, something wrong with her lips, here good there bad.. too much of violence made it almost repulsive, never could have watched it in theater..

Of them all, I loved the re-run of Mithunam, just fell in love with this movie and each time I see it, it only increases that love...

so here ends my movie watching, reading, working quota for the day and off I go to play with the kid in the play area... 

May 20, 2013


Of late, I have been hearing a lot of news wherein very young people in their late 30s or maybe even early 30s succumbing to some heart problems or other ailments... with that comes a feeling of our own time running out and the terror of leaving behind the ones we brought into life alone in this big world... too many thoughts, does she need a sibling after all, one with whom she is biologically connected to, how much is enough to keep her secure and what security are we talking about... how do we get ready to such an event.  In our here today and gone tomorrow lives how do we ensure that we give them the right values/right attitude to keep going without us...

too many thoughts, too much to share but too much of procrastination... NOTHING WAITS in life.... take a break and relax to enjoy the smallest of small pleasures and give away biggest of big stresses...

The Lady On My Left - Catherine Cookson

The old world feel read set in UK, the auction houses, the love between a girl and her caretaker much older than her, goodie goodie with a tinge of negativity and villiany :) .. feel good book.

Felt like I was reading a non-detailed text book or something :).

Social Suicide - Gemma Halliday

What is more important than the book itself about this book reading is that I did it in Morgan Falls Park overlooking the lake in a swing, lying down with a pillow and a comforter on the swing when the kid played around happily in the play area take care of by OA, so no matter what the book is bound to be a super hit by any standards to me :-p

In the setting of a school campus, it has a young feel to it, the story of a girl working for a school magazine who ends up being at a place where a twitter-cide happens and then a few more things leading to the person leaking the question papers for the tests/quizs depriving the hardworking students of their merit credit for making a few quick bucks... entertaining read!

May 19, 2013

By Mistake in The Hindu... :-p

Dileep who is no longer in ekantam :-p and has a junior in his beautiful world to make it even more brighter pings me up once in a while and keeps tabs on what is happening, which I must say am not so good at, sorry my dear blog buddies I am busy getting back to all my school buddies :), so the queue is a bit too long I guess :-p

... coming to Dileep and me, we have this run-to-him-with-tech-issues thanks to my technically challenged blogging skills, so the point of the whole introduction and all this koti-kommacchi is that he brought to my notice that my blog url appears in "The Hindu"  HERE which says

Srinidhi, an Area Sales Manager for Asian Paints in Mumbai, ‘rambles’ on almost anything under the sun in his 
well, if it comes to the rambling, I am most certain this reference is to my blog because that is what I do all the time but coming to me being Srinidhi, the area sales manager, I am not... so Ms. Swati Sanyal Tarafdar, this is to let you know that I am neither Srinidhi, nor do I make any money through my blog or run any business establishment or showcase any of my technical/cookery/arts&crafts or any such thing. :).


Wow... Mahesh Babu in SVSC is sooooooooooo yumm!! the more I see that guy, the more is this gooey chocolaty feeling... so cutely perfect.. each time I think I am beyond this school girl crushes, this guy just brushes it aside... yum, yum, yum... can anyone really beat this cuteness ever... emo mari, for me, not ever avvocchu... the one hero whose movies I can watch n number of times without ever complaining is he...

naaku paityam perigindi ani janaalaki anipiste andule tappemi ledu adi nijam, nijam.. :)

May 14, 2013

A quick hello

this post is for swati from the comment post... I tried calling up, but you did not pick it up, can you please give me your mail id if it is that important to talk!

May 11, 2013

Share Your Dabba~

Something shared on FB that really touched my heart, unstoppable tears when I saw the kids eating the food eagerly... every child deserves a lot more than this!

May 5, 2013

Whats up

So, after a long hiatus I am back. What is actually happening is... nothing really... I was kind of addicted to the TV/movie/book and FB thing to find time to blog.  There were a lot of times I kind of made these imaginary blog posts that I wanted to put on here but then dwindled away, busy watching all sorts of things...

so what have I been doing...

watching The Kennedys  TV series about the Kennedy Family and the curse of Kennedys.
Watching Balika Vadhu, Madhubala without fail every single episode :-p.
Watching a movie every single day, no matter how boring.
Reading a book almost every day, a few pages at least.
taking the kid to the play area.

Of useful things, no I have not yet learned driving or even put an effort to read through the book and take that online test to even make me eligible for the learning :-p.

The kid got into the govt. sponsored lottery for pre-k, so happy, happy..

Got a much needed break in the form of Isha yoga and the inner engineering course in Atlanta by Sadguru, so add some me time to the routine.

A busy busy not so busy life as usual...

Good thing is cutting down on consuming cooked food, reducing garlic/onion intake.. and trust me it has cut down my cooking cleaning into half.

The OA got to his ideal dream weight and waist size leaving me looking a family Jumbo.. the kid and the OA put together weigh less than me and I guess that is something really really really bad and need to be looked at seriously!!!

Spring is kind of out, early summers, the apartment unknowingly had been a right choice, it has enough light but aptly covered by trees so that it is not hot yet bright throughout the day.

Kid is progressing good, celebrated her 4th birthday and my 35th... midlife crisis is not yet happening or maybe it is and I am not aware...

Have not touched my picture blog in a while, bad... too many opportunities but nothing really captures my fancy any longer, it is just the kids crafts, our outings or somethings like that, so it is hold for unknown time.

Got a mobile finally, and like it had been my choice, a pre-paid, very simple model because I hardly use it and the only time I need it is to ask the OA to pick me up from the place he has dropped me and for that a simple missed call would do :-p... yes, yes, nenu ee vishayamlo maatram piccha kakkurthi :-p.

and that is it from me... hope all of you are good too...

Untouchable - The strange Life and Tragic Death of Micheal Jackson- Randall Sullivan

well, you know my obsession with something I pick on and like OA says my latest muse is MJ.. found yet another bulky book on him and got it.. this one is better than the previous one throwing in an insight into a lot of things of MJ's life in a less biased way...

good read

Breakfast in Bed - Sandra Brown

First read of this author, did not have any clue what it had in hold for me, just picked it on an impulse, it being a large print and a cute pleasant cover page.. :).

A typical M and B style book.. heavily descriptive not my style of a read but for a change after a looooooooooooooong time, so could actually read it cover to cover :-p.

One Day At a Time - Danielle Steele

DS writing is all about romance, families, stories there in... of hope, happiness, living happily ever after, finding hope after betrayal, dealing with sadness, re-grouping life together despite trying situations that life throws us with..

It is yet another simple book about a couple who meet in most unusual circumstances.. this time, the scene shifts to hollywood, from a family of highly accomplished professionals, the heroine is made to feel down because of her choices towards normal life and living the way she wants it.  A high-fi writer mom who gets into relationship with a guy 24 yrs. younger when her husband dies, a homosexual sister who gives birth to a baby boy with artificial insemination, a dog and mourning a boyfriend who died 2 yrs. ago leaving her with a cabin house near the beach, leading a solitary life as a dog walker, falls in love with a legendary British-born hollywood hero, divorced, with a daughter.  The way they fall in love with each other and how the girl gets to a life which resented all through of fame, celebrity lifestyle, media intervention and all...

One day at a time towards a wholesome love life to a couple... good read!

One Amazing Thing - Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Yet another pick of the author... once again it is about the stories healing pain and giving hope.

It is about 9 people who remain in the visa/passport office in an unnamed American city one late afternoon when earthquake strikes leaving them all under the half-fallen roof, cut off power supply and phone connections, waiting for some help.

the group is a mix of all people, an ABCD from Bengali family whose parents have gone back to India for good, who is in a live-in relationship with a guy, just going on an impulse to India to visit her parents, having her own insecurities about loving and giving.  An American-born muslim who is struggling the fall out of 9/11 and the difference meted out to them in light of the terrorist activity, leaving their family shattered.  An American couple, a banker who feels out of place without number crunching and a wife who feels loveless, the bank staff, Indian manager and a clerk with their own personal conflicts and confused about the relationship growing between them.  A granddaughter and grandmother, of chinese origin with a past of their own... and an African-American kind of equipped with crisis management... how they all come together to survive waiting for the rescue team to find them, how the hope diminishes by the moment but they hang on to each other with the help of stories and stuff gets the story together...

It has the same gripping narrative but to an average simple reader like me the reality kind of dwindles into story telling and the ending untold, a typical author style... 

liked it though.

Movies Post :)

Gundello Godaari:
Art cinemaki takkuva, commercial cinemaki ekkuvagaa undi but must say captured the essence of life in villages very well.  Manchu Lakshmi has a very nice taste but the skin show of Taapsee is always a put off to me in any movie she acts,  I somehow find it very cheap and disgusting more than anything!  Set in the backdrop of floods in Godavari district is a story of a newly wed couple, who for different reasons get married to one another while they have in the past loved someone else.  At first they just want to die in the flow of water but as they get to reveal their pasts, they form a bond and how they struggle to live.  Though the climax of floods and the way they are lost and found is too much filmy, the rest of the film has that native feel..

Allu Sirish enchakka magazine pettukuni nadipestunte hammaya okkadikainaa audience meeda jaali undi murisipoyaa, cut cheste baabuki kooda cinema bug kuttesindi... :-p.

Gouravam - As the name suggests, the story line is around honor killings and the deep-rooted caste barriers still existing in some rural areas. It is undoubtedly good, heroine is kind of cute... BUT... aa hero enti, aa execution enti... aa good concept, better than a lot of senseless commercial flicks... now wondering how would Chaitu have carried it off.

 Sirish looks like another E-TV suman as an actor in the making... Energy and talent channelized in the wrong direction!

Gunde Jaari Gallantayyinde
A good one time fun watch movie.  Liked the confusion and commotion in the movie, seemed like a tried and tested formula but Nitya and Nitin gave it a cute feel.. Finally he seems to me having some sense in signing movies and Nitya for some reason reminds me of Soundarya, I think, dubbing in her own voice and a cool choice of movies.

Swamy Ra Ra
It is a different movie with scenes copied from a lot of places and yes the director is very right in the disclaimer that he copies every scene  that he likes when we watches a movie.  The stolen antique, how it lands up with petty thieves and an innocent blabber-mouth Swathi who actually thinks the hero works for HP :-p and a software professional forms the first part and the rest is up to these 3 without the knowledge of the heroine get tangled in a mess of finding out the statue they mistakenly sold to an antique smuggler to get the girl back and how in the bargain they end up with quite a lot of money forms the rest.  Seemed like a typical RGV entertainer but loved it.

Music is really really good, loved it.

Takita Takita
A very old Bhumika produced movie, had a fresh feel to it, actually enjoyed watching it.  It is a college tale, a story mixed with life, fun, realities in college life, the common misunderstandings and happy endings.

16 Days
I dont really understand what Charmee would have thought when she signed this movie... an innocent guy in search of job lands in a mess where 2 gangsters pitch him opposite one another to kill the heir.  He, with the help of Charmee an orphan who does a job for a living but stays in the houses of people who go out of station at nights, comes out of it, killing them all and putting an end to this mess.. unrealistic, messy messed up movie!

Thanks Maa -
A movie brutally honest about shocking realities in society that do exist, no matter how much we would like to look other way. After watching this, one cannot really look at the street kids the same way without any lingering thoughts as to what made them what they are.

A heart-rending tale of a street kid, left in a govt. hospital by his mom at birth, treats the watchman to liquor in search of his birth mother.  He ends up having a small baby boy in his life and is determined to find his mother, how he protects the kid and eventually when he finds the situation in which that kid is born and left (a incest of father and daughter) ends up leaving him in an orphanage but wanting to put his name as mother.  Every scene is heart-touching and would leave one wondering about harsh realities of life.. A really great effort!

Vicky Donor
This movie deals with the social stigma of being a sperm donor.  How it is looked up on and how it actually works out in a really funny but revealing way.  Liked watching it.  Yami Goutam is my new favorite heroine, she looks really good.

For Evil Eyes on LO