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May 19, 2013

By Mistake in The Hindu... :-p

Dileep who is no longer in ekantam :-p and has a junior in his beautiful world to make it even more brighter pings me up once in a while and keeps tabs on what is happening, which I must say am not so good at, sorry my dear blog buddies I am busy getting back to all my school buddies :), so the queue is a bit too long I guess :-p

... coming to Dileep and me, we have this run-to-him-with-tech-issues thanks to my technically challenged blogging skills, so the point of the whole introduction and all this koti-kommacchi is that he brought to my notice that my blog url appears in "The Hindu"  HERE which says

Srinidhi, an Area Sales Manager for Asian Paints in Mumbai, ‘rambles’ on almost anything under the sun in his 
well, if it comes to the rambling, I am most certain this reference is to my blog because that is what I do all the time but coming to me being Srinidhi, the area sales manager, I am not... so Ms. Swati Sanyal Tarafdar, this is to let you know that I am neither Srinidhi, nor do I make any money through my blog or run any business establishment or showcase any of my technical/cookery/arts&crafts or any such thing. :).

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