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May 21, 2013

more movies

No matter what my movie watching spree never stops

Somehow lost track of the movie halfway through, did not like it.. Mafia, crime syndicate, mixing with them, revenge... blah, blah, blah... A few weeks down the line.. neither do I remember anything about it nor is there anything worth... He better focus on what he knows best, acting, than getting into petty politics to shift his focus.

Baboye, another bundal movie.   I am beginning to hate the roles Tapsee does in the movies these days, skin show and more of it and that begins and ends there.. phew and Venky what does he think he is doing at 52, that hairstyle, that choice of movie...

Greeku Veerudu
Liked the flow of the movie, felt like it is another variation with a different angle, much much similar to Santosham, feel good, eye candy movie.  Nag seems older, age is certainly catching up but this is most certainly a simple, sober movie.

An average movie with an interesting story line, nothing new but just a new twist, okay to watch once.  Ravi Teja is getting old and it shows, he is most certainly a hardworking actor and carries the role with ease, the face has a different story to tell altogether.

Raaz - 2
A very violent movie dealing with revenge and supernatural forces and all that.. Kangana's face struck to be very odd, something wrong with her lips, here good there bad.. too much of violence made it almost repulsive, never could have watched it in theater..

Of them all, I loved the re-run of Mithunam, just fell in love with this movie and each time I see it, it only increases that love...

so here ends my movie watching, reading, working quota for the day and off I go to play with the kid in the play area... 

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