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May 5, 2013

Movies Post :)

Gundello Godaari:
Art cinemaki takkuva, commercial cinemaki ekkuvagaa undi but must say captured the essence of life in villages very well.  Manchu Lakshmi has a very nice taste but the skin show of Taapsee is always a put off to me in any movie she acts,  I somehow find it very cheap and disgusting more than anything!  Set in the backdrop of floods in Godavari district is a story of a newly wed couple, who for different reasons get married to one another while they have in the past loved someone else.  At first they just want to die in the flow of water but as they get to reveal their pasts, they form a bond and how they struggle to live.  Though the climax of floods and the way they are lost and found is too much filmy, the rest of the film has that native feel..

Allu Sirish enchakka magazine pettukuni nadipestunte hammaya okkadikainaa audience meeda jaali undi murisipoyaa, cut cheste baabuki kooda cinema bug kuttesindi... :-p.

Gouravam - As the name suggests, the story line is around honor killings and the deep-rooted caste barriers still existing in some rural areas. It is undoubtedly good, heroine is kind of cute... BUT... aa hero enti, aa execution enti... aa good concept, better than a lot of senseless commercial flicks... now wondering how would Chaitu have carried it off.

 Sirish looks like another E-TV suman as an actor in the making... Energy and talent channelized in the wrong direction!

Gunde Jaari Gallantayyinde
A good one time fun watch movie.  Liked the confusion and commotion in the movie, seemed like a tried and tested formula but Nitya and Nitin gave it a cute feel.. Finally he seems to me having some sense in signing movies and Nitya for some reason reminds me of Soundarya, I think, dubbing in her own voice and a cool choice of movies.

Swamy Ra Ra
It is a different movie with scenes copied from a lot of places and yes the director is very right in the disclaimer that he copies every scene  that he likes when we watches a movie.  The stolen antique, how it lands up with petty thieves and an innocent blabber-mouth Swathi who actually thinks the hero works for HP :-p and a software professional forms the first part and the rest is up to these 3 without the knowledge of the heroine get tangled in a mess of finding out the statue they mistakenly sold to an antique smuggler to get the girl back and how in the bargain they end up with quite a lot of money forms the rest.  Seemed like a typical RGV entertainer but loved it.

Music is really really good, loved it.

Takita Takita
A very old Bhumika produced movie, had a fresh feel to it, actually enjoyed watching it.  It is a college tale, a story mixed with life, fun, realities in college life, the common misunderstandings and happy endings.

16 Days
I dont really understand what Charmee would have thought when she signed this movie... an innocent guy in search of job lands in a mess where 2 gangsters pitch him opposite one another to kill the heir.  He, with the help of Charmee an orphan who does a job for a living but stays in the houses of people who go out of station at nights, comes out of it, killing them all and putting an end to this mess.. unrealistic, messy messed up movie!

Thanks Maa -
A movie brutally honest about shocking realities in society that do exist, no matter how much we would like to look other way. After watching this, one cannot really look at the street kids the same way without any lingering thoughts as to what made them what they are.

A heart-rending tale of a street kid, left in a govt. hospital by his mom at birth, treats the watchman to liquor in search of his birth mother.  He ends up having a small baby boy in his life and is determined to find his mother, how he protects the kid and eventually when he finds the situation in which that kid is born and left (a incest of father and daughter) ends up leaving him in an orphanage but wanting to put his name as mother.  Every scene is heart-touching and would leave one wondering about harsh realities of life.. A really great effort!

Vicky Donor
This movie deals with the social stigma of being a sperm donor.  How it is looked up on and how it actually works out in a really funny but revealing way.  Liked watching it.  Yami Goutam is my new favorite heroine, she looks really good.

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