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May 5, 2013

One Amazing Thing - Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Yet another pick of the author... once again it is about the stories healing pain and giving hope.

It is about 9 people who remain in the visa/passport office in an unnamed American city one late afternoon when earthquake strikes leaving them all under the half-fallen roof, cut off power supply and phone connections, waiting for some help.

the group is a mix of all people, an ABCD from Bengali family whose parents have gone back to India for good, who is in a live-in relationship with a guy, just going on an impulse to India to visit her parents, having her own insecurities about loving and giving.  An American-born muslim who is struggling the fall out of 9/11 and the difference meted out to them in light of the terrorist activity, leaving their family shattered.  An American couple, a banker who feels out of place without number crunching and a wife who feels loveless, the bank staff, Indian manager and a clerk with their own personal conflicts and confused about the relationship growing between them.  A granddaughter and grandmother, of chinese origin with a past of their own... and an African-American kind of equipped with crisis management... how they all come together to survive waiting for the rescue team to find them, how the hope diminishes by the moment but they hang on to each other with the help of stories and stuff gets the story together...

It has the same gripping narrative but to an average simple reader like me the reality kind of dwindles into story telling and the ending untold, a typical author style... 

liked it though.

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Sireesha said...

I read it some time ago. Yes, it's a decent timepass read.

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