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May 5, 2013

One Day At a Time - Danielle Steele

DS writing is all about romance, families, stories there in... of hope, happiness, living happily ever after, finding hope after betrayal, dealing with sadness, re-grouping life together despite trying situations that life throws us with..

It is yet another simple book about a couple who meet in most unusual circumstances.. this time, the scene shifts to hollywood, from a family of highly accomplished professionals, the heroine is made to feel down because of her choices towards normal life and living the way she wants it.  A high-fi writer mom who gets into relationship with a guy 24 yrs. younger when her husband dies, a homosexual sister who gives birth to a baby boy with artificial insemination, a dog and mourning a boyfriend who died 2 yrs. ago leaving her with a cabin house near the beach, leading a solitary life as a dog walker, falls in love with a legendary British-born hollywood hero, divorced, with a daughter.  The way they fall in love with each other and how the girl gets to a life which resented all through of fame, celebrity lifestyle, media intervention and all...

One day at a time towards a wholesome love life to a couple... good read!

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