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May 20, 2013


Of late, I have been hearing a lot of news wherein very young people in their late 30s or maybe even early 30s succumbing to some heart problems or other ailments... with that comes a feeling of our own time running out and the terror of leaving behind the ones we brought into life alone in this big world... too many thoughts, does she need a sibling after all, one with whom she is biologically connected to, how much is enough to keep her secure and what security are we talking about... how do we get ready to such an event.  In our here today and gone tomorrow lives how do we ensure that we give them the right values/right attitude to keep going without us...

too many thoughts, too much to share but too much of procrastination... NOTHING WAITS in life.... take a break and relax to enjoy the smallest of small pleasures and give away biggest of big stresses...

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