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May 20, 2013

Social Suicide - Gemma Halliday

What is more important than the book itself about this book reading is that I did it in Morgan Falls Park overlooking the lake in a swing, lying down with a pillow and a comforter on the swing when the kid played around happily in the play area take care of by OA, so no matter what the book is bound to be a super hit by any standards to me :-p

In the setting of a school campus, it has a young feel to it, the story of a girl working for a school magazine who ends up being at a place where a twitter-cide happens and then a few more things leading to the person leaking the question papers for the tests/quizs depriving the hardworking students of their merit credit for making a few quick bucks... entertaining read!

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Sireesha said...

Wow, what a perfect place and way to read a book! :)

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