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My world comprises of LO the little one, OA the other adult at home, kiddo the brother :)

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May 5, 2013

Whats up

So, after a long hiatus I am back. What is actually happening is... nothing really... I was kind of addicted to the TV/movie/book and FB thing to find time to blog.  There were a lot of times I kind of made these imaginary blog posts that I wanted to put on here but then dwindled away, busy watching all sorts of things...

so what have I been doing...

watching The Kennedys  TV series about the Kennedy Family and the curse of Kennedys.
Watching Balika Vadhu, Madhubala without fail every single episode :-p.
Watching a movie every single day, no matter how boring.
Reading a book almost every day, a few pages at least.
taking the kid to the play area.

Of useful things, no I have not yet learned driving or even put an effort to read through the book and take that online test to even make me eligible for the learning :-p.

The kid got into the govt. sponsored lottery for pre-k, so happy, happy..

Got a much needed break in the form of Isha yoga and the inner engineering course in Atlanta by Sadguru, so add some me time to the routine.

A busy busy not so busy life as usual...

Good thing is cutting down on consuming cooked food, reducing garlic/onion intake.. and trust me it has cut down my cooking cleaning into half.

The OA got to his ideal dream weight and waist size leaving me looking a family Jumbo.. the kid and the OA put together weigh less than me and I guess that is something really really really bad and need to be looked at seriously!!!

Spring is kind of out, early summers, the apartment unknowingly had been a right choice, it has enough light but aptly covered by trees so that it is not hot yet bright throughout the day.

Kid is progressing good, celebrated her 4th birthday and my 35th... midlife crisis is not yet happening or maybe it is and I am not aware...

Have not touched my picture blog in a while, bad... too many opportunities but nothing really captures my fancy any longer, it is just the kids crafts, our outings or somethings like that, so it is hold for unknown time.

Got a mobile finally, and like it had been my choice, a pre-paid, very simple model because I hardly use it and the only time I need it is to ask the OA to pick me up from the place he has dropped me and for that a simple missed call would do :-p... yes, yes, nenu ee vishayamlo maatram piccha kakkurthi :-p.

and that is it from me... hope all of you are good too...


ఇందు said...

So nice to hear that you r very near to me now :) Hope to see many more posts as you will not be that busy I guess :) Its refreshing to read ur posts.... Especially when Im not in good mood ;) Hmmmm anyways hope u r enjyng ur new life here in US :) wish ya all good luck for cutting down ur weight :D

Sree said...

Indu, how are you... I miss your blog posts, pls. do get back to writing.

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