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Jun 14, 2013

Jiah ne zindagi jeeliya...!!

I can totally relate or I think most of us can relate to the feelings mentioned in the note, like loving the other person a lot, expecting a lot from them as well, going beyond all means to satisfy the other person in the relationship only to be dumped in thoughts, you put in 100% expect at least 50 and that does not happen, one is disillusioned.

There are many women who get raped in a marriage if doing it against will is considered one, there are a lot of guys/girls who are insensitive to the partner's needs of having a kid, forcing them either to have or not to have.. in short it is unfortunate that such things are a part and parcel of life where we take it in our stride, blame our fate, resign ourselves to it and move on... or rebel, take a stand, go against the preset societal normal and face a different kind of issues or just give up and die.

I do not support the girl, i dont blame her either... but to blame just the guy for everything going on in her life, forgetting the brought-up, the emotional turmoil, the support system she had or she had not and plunging on the guy screaming blood is wrong (purely personal opinion).. there are a lot of factors which drive a person to death, all the doors closed, there should be at least a window and apparently she had none! the mom apparently knew she was in an abusive relationship, the guy was irresponsible as she put in her own note, selfish, thinks about himself, no perspective in life, apparently a brat, he used her and abused her... then what has been done by them to prevent the unfortunate eventuality considering this is her second attempt at taking her own life.

 Mahesh Murthy is blunt, brutal and has one-sided dark view of things, in this case in question at least. quite a few things are unclear, so i dont think anyone here is right or wrong absolutely.

Time and again when some starlet from industry is affected by this mess, concerns arise, people tend to question themselves but then as the condolences are over, it is behind us and one is back to the grind chasing their own dreams or demons

the bratty lifestyle, the parenting, the conflicts in and around the house, false hopes, unreasonable expectations, loss in touch with reality and real life challenges, living in a bubble of illusions, addiction to fame, stardom, disappointment by failures, struggle and inability to do a reality check and get in terms with facts... n number reasons.  If it comes to abetment of suicide or whatever it is each and every one of the people around her should be blamed  

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