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Jul 23, 2013

Movies... less

Of late, i have not watched much of movies and it is just a few here and there, completed the Grey's anatomy series, very interesting especially for the people connected to medical BPO, getting to see the procedures, organs doctors listening and seeing the terminology that they usually find in their files.. and add to it the yummy star-cast, super duper hit with me... McDreamy, McSteamy, McYummy :-p

and then the routine law and order, getting a peek here and there.. one movie that I had actually watched after quite some time is

Zindagi Naa Milega Dobaara
Liked the taking, shots, the unexplored locales, the adventure concept, the actors, everything... just enjoyed it thoroughly.

oopsie, forgot I got to watch Raanjhanaa too...
Well, awesome performance by Dhanush as expected, he fitted the role to T, good one again.

and on a sudden craving impulse I watched Paakeezah, the epic of the tragic queen, just plain awesome for those days, the dressing, the lifestyle, the re-creation of everything so authentically or at least I felt so, the tenderness of Meena Kumari, the royal feel of Raajkumar, everything about the movie spells epic to me... for quite a few people it is the foot fetish, inhe zameen pe mat rakhiye must be well etched in memory,  well for me too but I love it even more when she finds him accidentally after the elephant stampede in his tent, those haunting words in the letter she found in her feet, the author of the note with whom she fell in love with without seeing, the way she closes her eyes and waits for him, the inner feelings... just toooooooooo good and the songs are really really good too... the life of kothas, tawaaifs, gharaanas and all, well captured emotions and movie... loved it again

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