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Jul 16, 2013

Ninna - Nedu - Repu

The other day I was watching our favorite Open Heart with RK, the guest being Vanisree... I remember my mom recalling her as a fashion icon of those days, jewels, sarees, hairstyles etc. named on her and all that and what I remember of her acting is the arrogance, different styling and sky-high wigs :-p

but what amazed me is the simple words in which she put the essence of life and optimism with so much of positivity...

Ninnati varuku antaa bagundi, ee roju kooda baagundi, repu inkaa chaala baaguntundi anukuntunnaanu... yes, if this is the way we look at things in and around us... will there ever be a problem?

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Sandhya said...

ha ha...the sky-high wigs, short pallu of the saree, polka dot saree, fluorescent orange lipstick, fake eyelashes....who can forget Vanisri's trademark style? And above all her "Idi Mallela Velayani" song. Amazing song. Soothing and calm voice of P Suseela gaaru and restrained acting by Vani Sri gaaru.

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