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Jul 1, 2013

Out of the blue

One fine day after too much of self neglect and addiction of a lot many things and a long vacation, life has come to a point where I have to wake up from the lazy slumber and get going...

Suddenly July comes and it dawns that this is the only month where the kid is actually free.. and in the second week of august, life begins for her in the real sense, school this that and all and it is going to be that way the rest of her life.  So, I actually want to reform myself to be able to be with her every single moment of it.

It is really tough to do that given that I have kind of detached myself from quite a few things related to her and considering that I am just coming out of my deep self-induced long pent-up coming out of depression mode, it is really really going to need a lot of effort from my end..

the kid is out for a swim and yes, day 1 has been good in a lot of ways... and here is for many more days to go!

I havent really realized how I missed being with my baby until I started doing it again!

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