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Jul 20, 2013


The otherday, as we were waiting for the OA to get the trash and come to the car, a small bird fell down from the tree.  It was a tiny bird, just born or maybe a few days old, unable to fly, just hopping around, I was just watching it walk, showing the kid, the small tiny birdie and out of nowhere a cat comes, catches it, I try to stop it but it runs away and the bird is the cat's supper!!!!

It happened right in front of our eyes, the kid and me watching, screaming and being helpless..., showing the ways of world, giving the kid a live lesson as to what life and survival is all about, too many questions in the tiny mind, too many thoughts in the adult mind... what to say, what not to say... but I guess the kid has her own perspective of what and why and how and in days to come, her interpretation of the event will show itself...

the whole episode left me thinking....!!

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