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Jul 15, 2013

The Peter Nightmare

There are quite a few things in US for which people from all over the world want to be here.  No matter how much denial there is about being discriminated on the basis of color, creed, race and nationality, it exists!

You will note the difference if you stay in the apartments especially.  I always turned a blind eye to it considering that we are here for our work, finish it and get going but of late, it is blown out of proportion right into my face and there is no way I ignore it.

Peter, the guy upstairs is a mess. He stays alone, has a recording studio so does no regular job which leaves him all the time with his Chihuahua, staring into the houses, complaining all time about every single thing in the apartment complex from dog poo to freeway littering to patio cleanliness to what not... well, that is one thing but the way he reacts when anyone complains on him is beyond annoying, stalking, staring, intrusion into privacy what not... damn!  and complain to the leasing office the lady there coolly says well, we have heard of quite a few patio issues, it must be one of yours too... what?!"#, why is he stomping all the time in the house... oh, does he?? why is he always peeking into the balcony stepping out of his way from the staircase... does he?? why is he taking pictures of my damn house?? oh.. i see, let me talk to him and then maybe I will have to move either one of you.... what the hell is this, you can show us a better apartment or whatever but why do I have to take the pains of moving just because he chooses to harass me day in and day out in subtle yet irritating ways, playing guitar and singing songs at 1 a.m., running around in the house around midnight and all that and why is it that he is not given that option when n number of other Indian residents complain about him and a couple even vacate... no we get to prove time and again, we get to get reprimands unnecessarily and then sorry for bothering notes.  We get a blind eye/ear to our complaints but keep getting the notes....

Well, we are definitely aliens in this nation coming here to make our money, apparently we are much worse when it comes to its people's opinion/treatment of us, sick and tired!!!!... 

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