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Jul 11, 2013

Tiny Reflections

Remember as kids the days when we would have thought a hundred times that when I become a parent this is not what I want for my kid (period) and also the endless dreams of how I would raise my kid, what I would say, what I would do, what I would teach, etc!!!

The reality is kids do not really get or become what we want them to be... they become what they reflect from us and from the surroundings that we put them in.  So no matter what we had been doing previously claiming to be better, it is high time we get our act right and practice without fail what we try to preach... wake up early, brush twice a day, swish and spit each time after a meal, bathe twice if possible after a hard-core playing/sweating session, no watching TV while eating, spend some me time, listen to them, be with them, stop yelling, the choice of words, the way we tackle situations day in and day out.. and in their own way they will imbibe good values, behavior, timing, sense of direction and purpose all in their due time without any special focus... SO GET THE ACT STRAIGHT, DO IT RIGHT!!!

The other day in craft classes, I see parents lifting things from the session to get things done at home... they were just picking up from the left-overs which is not okay per the store policy... the kids were like, we cannot take them home, we already got our craft to take home why this, and the moms were like, yes we can, we will do it again at home... WHAT will the kid infer?  what will they do in future... I am over-thinking but thinking the right way.. practice this and the kid does it in some other way and then no point blaming him... they do not know when to stop right!!!!!

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